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How much alternative (historical?) tracks?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by Patcha, Mar 27, 2014.

  1. Patcha

    Patcha Hardcore Simmer

    How much alternative (i.e. historical) tracks are foreseen?

    We know for sure about Spa-Francorchamps. Somewhere I heard about Silverstone (and I hope so! Without Arena.).

    What about more Monza? We'll see any Monza '76? It's an interesting layout, too!
    With Goodyear double chicane at the start and a different Lesmo curves layout.
    And what about Monza '22 with sopraelevate?

    We know about Nordschleife (aka: historical Nürburgring, somehow), but surely it's the current lascerscanned configuration.
    What about the Nordschleife '27 with the twin straights and no guard rails?
    And what about Südschleife (also alone with twin straights) and relative full Nurburgring '27 configuration with both circuits?

    There is any other AC licenced circuit you wanna see and alternative and/or historical version about?
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  3. Turk

    Turk Alien

    Historics might be up to the modding community to make once V1 is released. I don't know how Kunos plan on doing DLC past the ring/deam pack. If the historic F1 cars are popular they may bring out an historic F1 DLC with some more of the cars and tracks from that particular era.

    But seeing as there's no track left to laserscan I think it would be ideal if the modders work on tracks like these while Kunos sticks to giving us real world laser scanned tracks.
  4. Patcha

    Patcha Hardcore Simmer

    Yes, you're right: seeing that historical tracks can't fully enjoy laserscanning (even if some pieces of Südschleife are still alive, and Sopraelevate, too), it's could be up to modder to implement that.

    But in my opinion we must face the fact that most of tracks made by mods are reconversions from old / other games (which actually should be copyright covered).

    And it's logical: 'cause if really a modder (or even a modder team) would like to try making a new track project from almost zero (or starting from current laserscanned tracks), they would take YEARS to do a good job with current Assetto Corsa standard!

    Don't you agree?

    Anyway, any historical version of AC licenced tracks you would like to see?
  5. Voodoo

    Voodoo Gamer

    Parts of the sudschleife is still in pretty good knick. But pretty much all of the surroundings are gone.

    Here's a video of how it looks now. With overlaying maps of where it's rebuildt

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  6. T'PAU

    T'PAU Hardcore Simmer

    I really hope that Kunos will "finish" Monza '66! I used freecam and hovered over the oval-part. At this state only an eycatcher. Only the parts visible from main-track are finished, a big part of the first banking and a small part of the second banking.
    Everything in between more or less placeholder-graphics atm. :(
  7. Mogster

    Mogster Alien

    I'm really hoping for the historical counterparts of modern tracks that are added. I love motor racing history, what's happened in the past is 2/3 of the magic of F1. It's not true you always can't scan, sometimes the old bits of track still exist.

    After all the 60s wasn't that long ago kids....:cool:
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  8. Shaddix

    Shaddix Alien

    I thought this oval will come too, if laptime works on this track?
  9. Mogster

    Mogster Alien

    We really need the 10km Monza layout. I'm sure Kunos can sort it somehow, even if it involves putting an invisible wall down the two lanes on the main straight.

    1961 Italian GP. The last time F1 used the banking. Von Tripps, Clark, Hill, Moss, Gurney, Mclaren. Classic names from the past. The vid doesn't show the Von Tripps crash btw.

    As Ferraris seem to be on the menu maybe we could have Von Tripps's sharknose 156 to race around Monza's banking in style?

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  10. Patcha

    Patcha Hardcore Simmer

    Very interesting video (music apart :D ) thank you! ;)

    But my opinion is: laserscanning that it's still better than starting from zero. :)
    (It's what they did with historical Spa-F., for what I know)

    I think: not forcely. I'm suppose it's possible to overlap two paths for "track valid trajectory".
    Otherwise they can still put two path beside on the straight. (Like if you go to the other half of the straight you get penalty)
  11. Ethan Dean

    Ethan Dean Hardcore Simmer

    A shot from Gamescom 2012 showed AC's track selection screen, and the Nurburgring Nordschleife had both the GP track and the Sudschleife attached. It'd be a bit odd to go to the trouble of including that on the map preview if they weren't thinking about a historical Nurburgring complex some way down the line.

    If there's any historical track I hope they do, it's the Ring. Any community-made one would have to be made from absolute scratch, unable to use the laserscanned version as a reference (beyond driving on it in the sim) because for some reason we're forbidden to open the .kn5 files. This wouldn't be so much of a problem with other, smaller tracks, but the Nurburgring is just such a huge job that accuracy would wane unless Kunos did it with their laserscan data.
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  12. Mogster

    Mogster Alien

    I'd just love to see the real, 50s 60s Nords in AC. Narrower, bigger jumps, no barriers and run offs :)

    I'd pay extra for it.
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  13. Patcha

    Patcha Hardcore Simmer

    That sounds great!
    Nordschleife it's surely to come in the DreamPack DLC on September.
    But the best it's if it also includes Südschleife!
    Great piece of news! ;)
  14. Ethan Dean

    Ethan Dean Hardcore Simmer

    Woah, hold up. It's not confirmation, just speculation. This was in 2012, times and priorities change. It would be a dream come true, though.

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  15. Patcha

    Patcha Hardcore Simmer

    I know, but makes me be very optimistic! :D
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  16. Being that resources are limited I would rather see effort go into getting new tracks in the game rather then a mostly the same track as we already have. I would take a Bathurst, Road America or Brands Hatch over any of the historical tracks listed above.
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  17. Patcha

    Patcha Hardcore Simmer

    The fact is that a new track requires much more resources, 'cause you must move the whole "laserscan trip" to a new location.
    Also keep in mind that hardly Kunos can afford travels outside Europe for some of those tracks (even if not totally impossible, but surely even much more resources spending).

    While instead for historical version they can catch information in the same "trip" organized for current track.

    Anyway often historical versions are not such "mostly the same track" as you say.
  18. Mogster

    Mogster Alien

    If you do Brands Hatch say though, it really hasn't changed much since the 60s. Remove the gravel traps and put in some period trackside furniture and the jobs a good un.

    Surely doing multiple versions of tracks at the same time is more productive?
  19. Patcha

    Patcha Hardcore Simmer

    If you bring the example of Brands Hatch (which unluckily it's not still included in the game), it doesn't mean it's a rule.

    Inside the game we already have current Monza and Monza '66. They look like the same track to you?
    Also historical Silverstone would look enough different than current one (including the fact I don't really like new sector: Arena).

    Obviously I neither mention historical Spa-Francorchamps and Südschleife, where only a fool would say it's even similar to current tracks.

    Without counting the charm of driving historical cars in their historical setting.
    And the charm of experiencing the danger of old fast sectors removed in current layouts for safety reasons.
    (Sopraelevate in Monza, for example. Or just imagine if a day we'll have LeMans, how great would be to have the historic La Sarthe with full Mulsanne straight? And maybe race that with current fast cars!)

    Boys, you're really very reductive talking about historic circuits experience. ;)
  20. EZeemering

    EZeemering Rookie

    All the GPL tracks plus cars would be enough for a start ;) But I do suspect that wish would mainly come from the mod community.
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  21. Patcha

    Patcha Hardcore Simmer

    Unluckily, I fear yes.

    For cars 3D models, I trust community very much.
    But I'm always suspicious about mod cars performances and driving feeling.
    How could they get info about realistic feeling? Keep in mind that Lotus 49 in AC is a bit different than the same car in GPL (I read it from GPL players).
    So they can't neither put the other cars the identical way they are in GPL... unless they wanna also include a new Lotus 49 and make the full GPL grid and handling. :)

    But about tracks... well, like I said before: it would need a very big amound of work to make them reach AC standards... so we'll surely have nothing so valid in first months or even years. :(
    It's a matter of patience, I suppose!

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