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Kunos announces new Licensing Agreement with the NISSAN Brand

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by AC Support, Apr 4, 2014.

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  1. TriNaX

    TriNaX Rookie

    Nice to see some Nissan cars to this game ! :) i hope we get some drift versions or Nissan Silvia for fun drifting. But keep nice stuff like this going ! :D
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  2. paulieGTR

    paulieGTR Alien

    Someone's(CQR OH) already modelling a 90's primera. ;):).

    But yeah... to have an official one, with the physics would be awesome.
  3. Iketani

    Iketani Simracer

    Patrik Marek are modelling '99 Primera, this + official P10 Primera would be fantastic :)
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  4. Mrwei

    Mrwei Rookie

    September,can't wait to drive to race!
  5. Andemagre

    Andemagre Racer

    Other Nissan? No thanks, I already had too many Nissan in gran turismo 6!
  6. Wonderbadger

    Wonderbadger Rookie

    Would be interesting to see if the Nissan Zeod could be added, see how the physics engine copes with its narrow front track and skinny tyres - looking forward to seeing how this does at LeMans this year after a good effort by the Nissan Batmobile a couple of years ago.
  7. paulieGTR

    paulieGTR Alien

    But this isn't GT6 and nor does it in anyway shape or form, share the same physics.!! :)

    Plus there's a difference from having a few cars from a manufacturer...
    to having many, many and many more variations of the same car of that manufacturer. ;):)

    These for me will be a very welcome addition to AC. :cool:
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  8. Andemagre

    Andemagre Racer

    The Nissan GTR is welcome but I've read some posts where someone asked the other nissan cars.... I could die!! :)
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  9. less dlc licenses announcements and more 1.0 proggress reports please!
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  10. wohin_genau

    wohin_genau Rookie

    The Announcement is more than one month old.... pretty sure they do what they can on v1.0.
  11. sure, but report it
  12. Asilo_Driver

    Asilo_Driver Racer

    What about GT1 / Endurance car?

  13. PhenOm

    PhenOm Alien

    Guys, this isn't a wishlist, go post it in the wishlist thread ;)
  14. Andy-R

    Andy-R Alien

    the gt3 version should be fun to race with all the other gt3 cars. but other than that i cant say I'm hugely excited.
    big heavy bland car. would have been more interesting if this was the 1 game without an R35 in it :p
    no sense of occasion with an r35 from what i have read.
    it was obviously never going to happen but i would have been more pleased with an R30 :p i know nissan are going to push this thing into every game out there but it doesn't lend itself well to a game IMO.
    isn'tit supposed to be brilliant because it has the rough speed of a super car but is practical and useable as an everyday car? the opposite to what i want in a game :) give me a Countach or Miura with missiles on the side!
  15. PhenOm

    PhenOm Alien

    Maybe an even more important question:
    Will the NISMO be a right-side driven car or the left-side version?
  16. Lukapsb

    Lukapsb Racer

    Good question, i hope left-side driven :)
  17. Qwaribo

    Qwaribo Alien

    I guess left. The developers are Italian, in Italy they've only left steered cars. Except imported cars of course.
  18. Tomskii

    Tomskii Simracer

    In italy.. well no in the rest of Europe :p

    You guys (UK) are the only ones to drive left together with Malta and Cyprus.. wouldn't see that as a reason to change it for the rest of europe :p
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  19. PhenOm

    PhenOm Alien

    He's from Holland though :p
    And I think it depends on the deal they've got and the car they've got pics & data from. If Nissan sent the right-side version to Kunos it'll be that one I guess. But I'm still wondering.
    Qwaribo likes this.
  20. Qwaribo

    Qwaribo Alien

    Lol thank you! I'm Dutch indeed.

    And what you say is also logic! I think they hope for a lefty! :p
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