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New ACC Server Manager

Discussion in 'ACC Tools' started by PixxelHunter, Jul 25, 2019.

  1. Conantra

    Conantra Rookie

    I hope that someone recompile accserver.exe that will be possible to run it on ARM raspberry pi 2 :)
  2. brad_co

    brad_co Rookie

    Still has menus and headings in Non English text. I have restarted the programme many times.

  3. HyDr@LiCz

    HyDr@LiCz Rookie

    I see this error now, when trying to run my own server after the update in ACC.

    "22543: ==ERR: Server is outdated and can't connect to the lobby anymore. Please update this server"
  4. mister dog

    mister dog Alien

    Pretty sweet app @PixxelHunter , got it recommended from a buddy and it's a nice addition instead of having to modify .json files.
  5. Bandes

    Bandes Rookie

    Hallo wird der Server Manager eine Funktion bekommen für Willkommens Nachrichten ?
    Klasse Teil danke
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