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Nudging people toward good racing: Server Config (SA/Medals)

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by nkohout, Jun 6, 2019.

  1. nkohout

    nkohout Gamer

    I'm renting a server in the USA and have experimented with different server configurations. Being attached to the idea of my own server being a place for clean racing, I typically set it to 70SA and 3 track medals.

    Looking at the logs, it's empty. It seems like there isn't enough of a racing population in the Western Hemisphere to fill a high SA server.

    So my question is this: What are the steps along the way to a 30 car, 70 SA + medals server?

    I took it down to 50SA, no medals, and a 30 minute race with 25 minutes of practice and qualifying combined. I hope it'll get some traffic. My experience on open servers has been getting punted by faster, messier drivers, so open servers aren't the trick.

    I also set practice to day 1, qualifying to day 2, and race to day 3 in order to force drivers to contend with a green track in practice, in the hope that will make them less aggressive, but then giving extra grip for the race.

    Are there any stats on where the ACC population is currently at in terms of rating distribution?

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  3. I'm in the US and will happily join a clean server... when I see at least a few others on there. Seems like a chicken and egg story/issue.

    What's the server name and I'll do my best to join. Keith Briscoe
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  4. ignission

    ignission Simracer

  5. nkohout

    nkohout Gamer

    It's less about having people on any particular server, and more about this: How do we create a "ladder" with server settings that gives an incentive to race better? This already exists with the way @Minolin's rating works, and the fact that open servers are limited to 10 drivers. But what do the steps look like on the way from 10 slots/open to 30 slots/70SA+medals?

    Kunos have provided the rating and matching system, but the servers (except the official ones) are all community run. If we want good racing, we as a community must provide intermediate steps from open servers to high rating servers. It can't just be Open or 70SA, there has to be something in between.

    I've been on Git's servers, and they are fantastic. He's a good race director, too, even if I am afraid to make a mistake in his servers lest I get banned (how it should be!) But that's what a mature racing community looks like. I'm interested in getting people to the point where they can step into that server and not make a fool of themselves.

    I've seen that, but I'm more interested in a histogram of driver safety rating vs a histogram of open server slots by safety rating. We should always be striving to keep those close in distribution.

    If we assume a normal distribution of safety rating with a mean of 50SA (I know this probably isn't the mean), then most servers should be around 40/50/60 SA. That's not what I see on the server list. I see Open, and 65+ or 70+.
  6. MakeMeLaugh

    MakeMeLaugh Simracer

    Oh yes, the community must build the multiplayer environment again.

    And here is the price of not having matchmaking.
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  7. baakstaff

    baakstaff Racer

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  8. nkohout

    nkohout Gamer

    This is exactly what I was looking for, thanks!

    I like this sim and I want it to succeed, so for the nominal monthly fee of renting a server I'm going to help it along if I can. Will it make a difference? Unsure. But it doesn't cost me much to try, and I got ACC for a steal during early access.
  9. MakeMeLaugh

    MakeMeLaugh Simracer

    Sure, but that's not what I meant. What makes people play this or not does not depend on the servers you create, but what the game actually offers. Unless you plan to build an actual multiplayer structure like AC1 has, which was made by the community...

    But I agree there's no in between SA lobbies, it's either nothing or 65+. And the way SA works does not help it either, making people have to farm in SP races or join random whatever 10 slot lobbies.
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  10. nkohout

    nkohout Gamer

    I'll keep my server at SA50 or maybe lower it down to SA30 or SA40 if it doesn't get any traffic. Hopefully the quickjoin will dump some drivers in there instead of an open server, and hopefully other admins not seeing traffic will do the same.

    Also, never running Zolder in my server. I want SA to go UP. :p
  11. menos | M6

    menos | M6 Hardcore Simmer

    Don’t overthink this.
    Just look at what servers get the most traffic and replicate those settings.

    I am racing ACC online since 1.0 A LOT.

    I see what servers are most populated:

    - people want to race and don’t be stuck in long P and Q sessions (go for no longer then 15min P and 10min Q)
    - most people don’t want to commit to longer races (20min pick up races seem to be the current sweet spot with most traffic)
    - people get tired of always the same (avoid tracks that were available during EA and mix up the race conditions a little to make races exciting)

    Personally I enjoyed the most the Kunos servers were weather was a little unpredictable so you would have a dry track in P and Q (with a little damp patches perhaps) then the Race would start out dry but mid race rain would kick in and mix It up a little.
    Don’t do Monza at 1400 with clear sky over and over ;-)

    Keep SA at 20 once you see traffic increase move up to 40 and once traffic is reliably high move It to 60.
    Give the server an interesting name so people know what to expect.

    I raced with you in AC before and the racing was good. I hope you can get things sorted in ACC.
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  12. martcerv

    martcerv Alien

    That's fairly old data but it will likely be relevant with new drivers since v1.0

    The thing is all good drivers I think will end up SA70+ easily and the proper good ones 90+ the question is how long will it take them to get to their true ratings.

    So you have the lower SA problems early into many drivers ACC ratings career, you set the servers lower but then someone with many km at SA50 and stabilized is likely quite hazardous but a new guy starting out on his way to 80+ will likely still be under 50. Clearly starting at SA50 isn't bad but later on as more people get rated this should build easily.

    I would personally keep my pub server at SA70 so at least its a point of difference to many other servers and those that get in will get a better end experience. Having said that still even in CP servers the driving standards aren't exactly always great from the few I joined. But then if its fairly easy for some to maintain 90+ SA even 70 is a fair drop in standards for those that have stabilized their ratings.

    I still see in the lobby list majority of servers in use are 10-12 slot open servers, most likely because many admins don't know the unrestricted servers have this limit. But its also the users that seem to not understand they should be looking to populate higher rated servers.

    I have zero interest in running in any unrated servers and would rather lap solo in a high one or join friends in a locked password server. Main reason we need this is because many league guys still aren't rated properly so we cant all join the restricted servers. Make the restrictions too low for a pub server then you get some pretty poor racers join in so better off in a private server then that IMHO.

    I really haven't seen many US based servers being populated however almost quitter then in Australia but then our peak times you guys are sleeping.
  13. Ricky Reject

    Ricky Reject Hardcore Simmer

    Granted I'm in Europe, but still;

    I would join more rated servers, but when most are empty you join public instead (I seldom have time on my hands other than in short stints). Unfortunately, this has had the adverse effect of my SA-rating going down and south. It used to be around 74 but since 'both cars' are generally awarded point deductions in collissions, my SA rating is now down to 66. This despite *really* trying to race clean and avoid sticky situations.

    So despite that, SA70-servers are currently out of reach and probably will be for a while cause working your SA-rating up on general servers seem to be a no-can-do...
  14. martcerv

    martcerv Alien

    If the general user base avoids even SA20 or any track medals restricted servers and then joins open servers gladly doing this even if it provides poor racing in general when they have less time to waste, they choose to waste it properly in generally poor racing servers there is little hope. :oops:

    Maybe public servers shouldn't have been allowed to be unrestricted at all as even if people complain about 10 people grids and poor racing they will still join this over anything better. Simply having 3 track medals as a restriction ensures people some some sort of ability to get around a track, it takes 4 laps to achieve maybe a few more for some. And those really struggling wont get this until they learn to drive to a reasonable level.

    Yet give people even a 4 person unrestricted server they will likely join these all day, they would never join a restricted server with 3 other people but make it unrestricted they cant wait to join. If none of you guys avoid the unrestricted servers then guess what, the restricted ones will always stay empty. At some point people need to do something to help themselves but it seem most are incapable of this for whatever reason.

    They all know exactly what their rating is, and how much it drops but seem to not understand how to use it and get a better MP experience.
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  15. Ricky Reject

    Ricky Reject Hardcore Simmer

    Well, add to the fact that I've been simracing since GPL in the 90's and I'm still slow as hell. If I see a rated server with 4 people, I can almost count on me being 3 seconds off the pace and find myself racing alone at the back end. Even if an unrated server with 4 people will most likely in general yield worse overall racing, the chances are *still* higher that I can find some kind of opposition at my level there. In such cases, the choice is easy, especially for shorter races where you cant rely on making up positions through consistency either.

    Hence, I'm looking towards league racing rather than rated public servers.
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  16. MrGit@Twitch

    MrGit@Twitch Hardcore Simmer


    Who wakes me from my slumber?

    Just off to work, but if you have server questions just drop 'em in and i'll reply later today once i'm home. :)
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  17. Personally, the reason I wouldn't join your server is the long P and Q sessions. I don't want to spend 20-30 minutes doing hotlaps and get worn out by the time the race starts. I know longer sessions may be used as "filler" time for more people to join before the main event, but for me a 5 minute practice session (or none at all) to warm up, a 10 minute qualifying (maybe 15 for spa) and 20-30 minutes race is the best option. My SA currently is 76 and I try to join safe lobbies (60+) but many of them have long P and Q sessions so I either end up quitting the game and doing something else, or join them only if the race is about to start.
  18. menos | M6

    menos | M6 Hardcore Simmer

    I wish for future builds that Kunos further restricts the maximum available slots of drivers on unrestricted servers.
    Just wanted to pick up a quick race right now and the only servers populated at the moment are unrestricted servers with maximum 10 people.
    All the interesting servers with proper slots are either empty or have only one or two people on there :-(

    I see this is really highly time dependant - looking at servers in the European evening time makes for some good racing. If you are in other time zones it really feels like having to scrape crumbs off the floor to get a slice of bread together at the moment.
    I scroll past 10 slot servers the exact same as I scroll past unrated or very high ping servers.

    I wish in the future we can use proper filters on top of the rating system to avoid such servers to show in the server browser from the get go.
  19. MrGit@Twitch

    MrGit@Twitch Hardcore Simmer

    Fp is used primarily as a filler yes (it's skipped if I'm spectating / racing there at the time).

    20 minutes qualifying is a nice balance and as for race length, 15/20 mins really isn't worth bothering with as you really don't get to experience what ACC is all about in those like tyre degregation, diminishing fuel loads, changing conditions ect. Plus, as of late we've tried some 90 minute races to bring pit strategy into play too and the resulting races were pretty awesome.
  20. trasgu

    trasgu Simracer

    The user base graphs are daunting, it hurts just to look at them. Just by eye stimation seeing the graph about 80% of the users don't even have unlocked the SA rating. But, what incentive they have to do so?, specially when most of the populated servers are unrated ones. Why should them even care at all about SA?. With the MP as it is now the SA feature is just a decoration feature with no purpose at all.
    Some time ago I tried to warn about it because it was evident that this would end up happening, and for saying that a minimum of SA should be mandatory to take part in any MP I was subtly called elitist and gatekeeper. Now all that happened and it was so predecible that it's almost insulting.

    Now most of the people races in unrated servers while the 60-70SA servers are almost empty, big surprise. It's just human nature, probably most of this people don't even know what SA is or what is the process to unlock it because they only bought the game and went straightforward to join the MP. The SA has to be enforced or else the SA rating will be rendered useless because users will race in the unrated servers to scape to the process of increasing their SA rating. I think that the penalties in SA ratings should be harsher for big crashes, but I also believe that getting up the rating should be easier than now.

    It takes too long to rise the SA rating up, so the average user admit defeat and join unrated servers to avoid the excruciatingly boring process to rise the SA rating. Other representative part of the user base just don't care/know about SA because they can race without getting any rating at all. And for the cleaner users a lot of them are still building up SA rating so they can't join 60-70+ SA servers, and others with high SA don't have much freedom of choice of server as most people are racing in unrated ones, and race almost alone can be boring.
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