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Q1 release promise broken, yet no new date communicated? EDIT: there is a date now

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by mkotechno, Apr 12, 2019.

  1. A-Jin

    A-Jin Gamer

    Yea man teach them the lesson of reality good.
  2. A-Jin

    A-Jin Gamer

    It was fun let's do this again.
    I understand that some of my statements may have hurted some of you because you believe that you are driving a real car at your computer and at top of that using ASSIST in a video game to feel good about oneself but it is okay as long as you don't think it will actually make you better driver and try to defend yourself by saying that "rEaL cArS uSe tHeM".
    At the end of then day you are just playing a video game not a real car.
    Yes using TC and ABS in real life is also way less skillful than driving without them so the sooner some of you understand this the better.
  3. Poguinhas

    Poguinhas Alien

    I like this one better:
    Debating with an idiot is like playing chess with a pigeon - it knocks over the pieces, defecates on the board, and then flies back to its flock to brag about how it won.

    As I said before, it was kinda funny at first but now it's just sad.
    Aseeth, mikendrix and chksix like this.
  4. dajdosta

    dajdosta Racer

    What setup do you use?
  5. bgil66

    bgil66 Alien

    this is as tiring as the Chinese f1 gp
    Poguinhas likes this.
  6. Poguinhas

    Poguinhas Alien

    Who knew this thread could end even worse than it started? :D
    bgil66 likes this.
  7. A-Jin

    A-Jin Gamer

    you can't play chess with pigeon man you are delusional as hell.
    What kind of meds are you on? or are you high or something? maybe thats just your peak intelligence.
    I hope this game will bring some joy in your sad little life no need to get butthurt by facts learn to accept them and most of all learn to read and properly understand english first mate lol.
    It looks like you have money to waste on games thats good and all but education is important as well.
    All this because of just one word"arcade" and without even realising the actual meaning of that comment you got butt hurt over like a proper fanboy who thinks he is driving a real car.
    Oh well not so bright after all just because herd is with you doesn't mean you are right. :)
  8. A-Jin

    A-Jin Gamer

    Aggressive with little tweaks to make car little bit more agile
  9. Poguinhas

    Poguinhas Alien

    Yeah dude, as I said before. I was having fun with you earlier, now it's just sad.
  10. MadduckUK

    MadduckUK Rookie

    Maybe if you had made the pieces edible the pigeon would have been more interested.
  11. henri

    henri Hardcore Simmer

    Yes they did. Here is one story about Citroen ABS. And about Ford.

    "Strictly speaking there is not much tech in our 2011 Ford Fiesta compared to the 2004 car. In that season the car had ABS, clutch control, paddle shift, traction control, active differentials, ride height control with GPS, electronic dampers and active suspension. Having all that tech was fabulous but the cost was high and it was making it too easy for drivers,".

    I hope you won't lose your respect for rally drivers.
  12. sirgaric

    sirgaric Hardcore Simmer

    Talk about thread derailing :D

    Enviado desde mi ONEPLUS A5010 mediante Tapatalk
  13. LeDude83

    LeDude83 Alien

    So this is a thread that was created by a troll and then hi-jacked by a troll. Funny stuff :p
  14. R1-Limited

    R1-Limited Racer

    I know what the problem is
    You need to upgrade to a Blue Tri-delineating powerband
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