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racecraft rating

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Salvatore Amato, Sep 29, 2019.

  1. I was thinking about racecraft. @Minolin
    Marc Gene said Leclerc has glorious racecraft.
    I was thinking about RC rating.

    How many times in his career can a driver prove his racecraft?
    Not so many!

    If I remember correctly, you calculated the amount of time (or distance?) any time. Anytime you get close enough to try to gain or maintain position.

    But most of the times a smart driver decideds to back off instead.
    Or can't cause damage.
    Or many other reasons.
    Is it why RC did not rise at all?

    Racecraft is about quality then.

    Little contancts are allowed.

    So why not to make calculations only after an overtake has actually occurred?
    Without penalizing situations in which you decide to back off not taking the risk.

    in this way it will go up. And then you weight it as you want.

    You will award the one who defends always considering the same parameters, but only if he has been overtaken.

    Let's consider this:
    driver A and B.
    A cannot overtake B.
    How could an algorithm distinguish good defending from poor attacking?
    different pace? damage?
    so no calculations on rc ratings, no points up for B, no points down for A at all.

    A overtakes B.
    your algorithm can already evaluate them. isn't?
    If it was quick, just ask bit points up for A, and down for B.
    If it took many laps, many points up, but for both, giving more to the one with less RC.

    In the end, people who lack racecraft skills will never defend for a whole race,or a whole sector, or lap.

    then you could add the starts, but that's another story.

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