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Start problem ignored

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by Redglyph, Dec 12, 2015.

  1. Redglyph

    Redglyph Gamer


    I can't seem to get any answer to this question, my post was moved to an old existing thread mentioning the same exact problem without any further explanation nor answer.

    Furthermore, this old thread had a hint it would be resolved, but hasn't. It seems to annoy a lot of people, yet it remains "as designed". Is there something planned to fix this?

    Would it be possible to get a reply from the support?

    At the start of the race, I can't change gear and put in 1st until the red lights are out. It makes it impossible to prepare a start properly, you have to wait for the green light, then only gear up and release the clutch.

    Gives an unfair advantage to AI/automatic cars, and it's completely unrealistic. Not sure there is any good reason for this, it's normally authorized to do so, as long as the car doesn't move before the red lights are out.
    As source of inspiration, I'd recommend this reading on the subject: GETTING A GOOD START.
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  3. TCLF

    TCLF Alien

    well, AC is ment to be a driving simulator more than a racing simulator, so don't expect too much.

    one thing: You can have it in gear before the lights go out. If you have the clutch pedal down it auto switches to first gear if your knob also is in 1st gear, so you can imidiatly release the clutch. Just, you can't make false starts
  4. Shaun Clarke

    Shaun Clarke Alien

    Firstly, your incorrect there. One the main page it states, "Your Racing Simulator".


    Only if you are using shifter. You cannot do this with Sequential Stick shift or Paddles, which I think is where he is going with his post.
  5. TCLF

    TCLF Alien

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  6. SvenUilhoorn

    SvenUilhoorn Racer

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  7. Shaun Clarke

    Shaun Clarke Alien

    OK fair point, never read that, but, and OK I am English, there is always a but with us LOL

    They are working on it, which means, that they are not dismissing the fact that people want online racing, with racing rules. You look the changes they have made thus far, and still progress being made. For example, if it was a driving sim only, then answer this:

    1) Why include full racing cars?
    2) Why include racing circuits
    3) Why include pitstops
    4) Why include a Flag system (that is WIP)
    5) Why include Track Limits and Penalties
    6) Why include tyre wear
    7) Why include Damage Model
    8) Why include Fuel Usuage

    To name a few..... Why include all these if it was not a going aiming towards being a Racing Simulator. You don't get a penalty for going off track on a track day?

    Just my 2 pence worth

    Edit - One last thing...Why get real racing drivers to test Kunos Racing cars, to see if they are authentic and as real as they can be, if they are not designed to be used in a racing environment
    Last edited: Dec 12, 2015
  8. Sleeper Service

    Sleeper Service Hardcore Simmer

    A relatively small team working on a WIP. Get over it and enjoy the excellent physics that keep getting better and the gorgeous models that happen along the way. Those things will come and it doesn't really detract from the product, it's the same for pretty much everybody. If folks want to get pedantic about whether it's a driving simulator or a racing simulator.... it's working it's way to be both. Enjoy the ride...... ;)
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  9. Shaun Clarke

    Shaun Clarke Alien

    And I am trust me, I am loving it, I am not moaning at all, just pointing out :D
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  10. TCLF

    TCLF Alien

    Well, actually I have been asking these questions myself for a while as well. I continued playing AC because of this. This was until I noticed the changes I was hoping for to make this a racing simulator, never came. I went to the forum and explained what is wrong and what I wanted, what works and what doesn't, and so did a lot of people. What I noticed from that, is that they say "we are working on it" or "we are looking into it" very easily. Just look at the league racing threads (http://www.assettocorsa.net/forum/index.php?threads/league-threads-on-the-ac-forum.10887/). Pretty much everyone wanted this, found this a good idea. Their only reaction was "we will be looking into it". After that no no and no yes was ever given.The only reason it was implemented a long time after, was because I managed to get someone bother them about it internally. And look at how they implemented it. The most minimalistic way possible. This is the same for the pit stops, the flag system and the penalty (don't really know where you got from that there is more than one). Funny enough those are all features meant for MP.

    Look at Aris's thread. They want A, everyone gives solution B, they say they don't want solution B because it would be too much work, even though it's the most simple thing ever. They want a solution where they don't have to do anything for (just like minorating). It's just tunnel vision. At least, that's the feeling they gave me. Just like the feeling that they don't have a clue what they want and/or how to make a game around a physics engine. Just like the feeling that they only say "we are looking into it" to make people shut up.
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  11. PuffTheMagicBelgian

    PuffTheMagicBelgian Hardcore Simmer

    Maybe they should change it to "Your driving simulator".
    Although the asking for moar features would probably never stop, it might slow down a bit.

    If i was selling a product called "Your running simulator" and i gave your game character different wooden shoes to run in, i'm sure people would go nutz on the forums demanding Nike and Adidas sneakers, lightweight sporting gear and a ribbon at the finish line to rip when they crush the competition.

    And then i would comment, me and the team are into wooden shoe jogging and fast walking, and we go to a great deal to make that happen in the physics.We make sure the contact your laser-scanned wooden shoes make with the asfalt is as real as possible. This is a fast wooden shoe walking jogging simulator after all.

    I'm 100% sure it would get criticism and frown's all over the place.
    It's so painfully obvious..
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  12. Shaun Clarke

    Shaun Clarke Alien

    @TCLF I agree with you on certain things, but I think Kunos didn't expect this to take off in Multi player like it has. They was looking, due to stats, at single player only, bad mistake in my eyes. AC has the potential to blow all the competition away, if they just listen to the community that race/use it / actually use it, that's why is has only been focused on Single Player, against the AI, which, us, the community are not happy with, there is so much more potential to AC and this could go on for years, with Mods, updates you name it...

    There is no sim out there that does everything. One sim does this, another does that, why not look at the competition and do everything, really simple business mind to me? Id A is doing better than B and you are C, then do what A and B are doing, and listen to us, the drivers, the people that actually race / purchase the product. Don't need a IQ score to work that one out?

    My scare is, this is being tunneled to suite the "console" people but ignoring us people that can make and enjoy community mods ( consoles can't do that) so they are keeping it simple. I really hope this doesn't become a Need for Speed adaptation on the PC to console.
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  13. St3fan

    St3fan Alien

    But at the moment you can still prep for the start by revving the engine and let go the clutch little smoother to get a better start than other cars. I'm pretty sure many people are faster launching their cars than others in AC by better application of clutch release/throttle press.
    The dropping of revs when clutch is released imo is very unrealistic in many sims that I've played, especially road cars. LFS seems to be the only one that feels realistic to me.
    I too am waiting for better implementation of race start, but I understand that means more complicated penalty system than what AC currently has, and it takes time. So I'll just wait.
  14. mrk1001

    mrk1001 Gamer

    Unbelievably unrealistic for a self-proclaimed 'racing simulator' (like so many other things or lack thereof) but it is 'As Designed' so its not going to change.

    'deal with it'

  15. kevje

    kevje Racer

    Deal with it, aka score a copy of rFactor 2 for a good price and start racing seriously. Granted it takes some more patience to set that sim up and getting used to the NES graphics, but its the only true racing sim on the PC.

    I'm still hoping AC will one day turn in to an actual racing simulator, but in the meantime I will enjoy other games and give AC another year of development time :)
  16. mrk1001

    mrk1001 Gamer


    I like nes graphics ;)
    seriously though, imo rf2 can look quite good with the right content.
    Last edited: Dec 13, 2015
  17. Guidofoc

    Guidofoc Alien

    One thing they could do as a quick patch could be assigning a xx-second slow-down penalty to false starts, similar to when you put your wheels off the track.

    For example, when the first red light appears you start having control of the car. From that moment you can do a false start. If you do, you'll have to slow down for let's say 20 seconds before the end of the first lap.

    For MP servers there could be a switch so the admin could choose to revert to the present start mode, in order to avoid too messy race starts.

    Is that doable? @Lord Kunos ?
    Last edited: Dec 13, 2015
  18. pmc

    pmc Hardcore Simmer

    sucks u cant, think they dont do it cos, imagine online servers, u get *****s just zoomin thru n wreckin foks before the got off the line
  19. Guidofoc

    Guidofoc Alien

    Well that's why I proposed that it could be disabled/enabled by the server admin. And in any case now we have Minorating to take care of the wreckers, so I don't see a big problem for that.
  20. Redglyph

    Redglyph Gamer

    Are you from the support team? If not, I'm not sure how your statement holds.
  21. TCLF

    TCLF Alien

    Why does he need to be from the support team to see if kunos has labeled a problem as "as designed" and pretty much said "we will look into it" to after that not do anything about it?

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