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Wide FOV and HMD - Related Graphic Issues -> Canted Displays

Discussion in 'ACC Hardware Discussions' started by darktrooper, Jul 7, 2020.

  1. darktrooper

    darktrooper Rookie

    Hi SimRacers,

    I jumped into ACC a while ago and I am a VR/HMD user.
    I have the Pimax 5k+ and the 8k+ (soon the 8KX). I drive with the Fanatec Elite CSL.

    With the 8k+ racing is really nice and very close to monitor use - except that it beats the GPU's down, tweaking I get about 45-60 with nice Graphics, more like 72+ if less eye candy is used.

    My issue or questions is about canted displays as many Wide Field of View HMDs use.
    There are several issues mainly produced by the engine seemingly rendering different graphical elements like pars of trees or shadows for each display possibly also using different LOD/Distance values for each eye. This produced a flickering and inconsistency which is quite annoying.

    Pushing the foliage LOD and Similar and the shadows on EPIC reduces the effect, but it is still there.

    Is there any chance this will be addressed soon?

    Kind Regards,

    Short Sys Specs:
    I7 9900k ~4.9GHZ
    EVGA 2080 TI FTW
    64GB RAM
    Pimax 8k+
    Fanatec CSL Elite

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  3. darktrooper

    darktrooper Rookie

    Just a small update - tweaking can still reduce this effect - but its really a pain in the a** since the trees keep flickering and kill immersion. This is the same on my new PC.
    Is anybody looking into such issues, which are VR related, at all?
  4. AndyK70

    AndyK70 Alien

    did you change engine.ini, are ou using a pre made one?
    Look for r.MipMapLODBias
    if the value for this is too much below 0 (e.g.-1.5) it causes shimmering/flickering, tone it down to like -0.8
  5. darktrooper

    darktrooper Rookie

    Thanks for the repley and hint.
    I found the engine.ini in my C:\Users\NAME\AppData\Local\AC2\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor
    but it only shows paths to other areas:


    AudioDevice=Lautsprecher (Sound Blaster AE-9)

    and also the following ini's, none contain the r.MipMapLODBias:
    GameUserSettings.ini <------ The only one that contains info besides the Engine.ini

    In steams folders there are no files which seem to be usable for editing.
    Am I missing it somewhere else would be thank full for a hint, did not find anything in "googleing". Except this one:
    Guide to Graphics Settings and Performance in ACC | Kunos Simulazioni - Official Forum (assettocorsa.net)
    I will see if i can inject that....

    EDIT: I also saw this
    System Settings | Unreal Engine Documentation
    I will see if I can get the Trees to render better, it looks like in some cases its diffrent for each display (lef/right) - not sure if its LOD or Shadows in the trees - the look for trees further away feels like the trees would need parallel projections... cant describe it better.

    But thanks again very much fur the good hints !!!
    Last edited: Feb 19, 2021

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