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All Cars' Top Speeds at all BOPs

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by LukFry, Apr 8, 2019.

  1. tw1st

    tw1st Racer

    Think the R8 and AMG as well.
  2. Tim Wilson

    Tim Wilson Racer

    What @Chriss was suggesting is that you set a BoP that gives all cars an equal chance in the sim. Which from what I understand is what BoP is for irl. So in essence it's exactly what you all do here.
    The absurdity of a Bentley competing with a Ferrari pretty much opens the door for whatever scheme you choose.

    You must be knowledgeable on the subject, so due respect. But let's be strait here- The winning car is always the easiest to drive. When the winner gets out and says something like "that was a handful", that just means no car in the race was easy to drive. But more often than not, the winner brags about how good his car felt. Speed and comfort in a race car are inherently mutually exclusive traits. The mythical bad handling car driven to victory against faster cars by legendary piloting skills is a Unicorn. It's what cocky champions used to do to inflate their own ego and intimidate the competition. But you've done a good job- The fastest car in the sim is the easiest to drive. Very realistic! But I wouldn't exactly say "easiest to drive". It's more like you don't have to push as hard in turns because of its strait line speed advantage, and especially the jump it gets on exit.

    When all the cars are available, I'll be driving for Porsche, my favorite brand- If it's the fastest! After all- For $25 I got a contract with whichever team Is the fastest.
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  3. Serge M

    Serge M Alien

    If people spent half the time actually driving the cars as they do complaining that car A is faster then car B because they can’t catch it then they would probably be able to catch it.

    It’s funny to see people joining our servers with the BMW because “it’s the fastest” then they get destroyed by the regulars driving Bently’s, GTR’s and basically anything else then just leave mid race.

    Different cars have their advantages and disadvantages, no car however is a second faster then another, not even close.

    I personally can’t get good pace out of the BMW for whatever reason, the Lambo though is a different story :)
  4. Chriss

    Chriss Racer

    sorry mate but this comes across a little arrogant.

    The drivers I was talking about are in the top 10 to top 50 of the leaderboards. They already know how to drive fast and consistent. In these very fast and very close fields, yes it does make a huge difference if a car is (just) e.g. 0.3 seconds faster per lap due to its BoP.

    But Aris confirmed that "faster cars are coming" so I be patient and am sure Kunos will tackle the BoP topic again with the v1.0 release :)
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  5. MABR

    MABR Gamer

    I like the Lambo. ACC with over 400 hours of game time and almost exclusively driven Lambo. With him I can drive fast, constant times. You just can not overdo it or want too much, then it's *****y. :D Yesterday longer BMW tried in multiplayer. He tolerates more mistakes and is very fast. I have more chances with him to make a complete quick lap. In the race then relativized again. It does not help to have a fast car if you can not handle the "pressure from behind". So far, the best tactic is to wait and defend his starting place. You win more seats than you think. The attempt to keep up with aliens only causes them to overestimate themselves. ;) Someone who can take advantage of the differences in cars will surely resort to the "fastest". Not everyone is fast just because his car is faster. So practice, practice and practice again or be an alien :D... This is meant in general and not related to anyone.
  6. Serge M

    Serge M Alien

    Maybe it does but also saying that a certain car is “faster” says nothing at all. What’s faster? What lap tines are we talking? 48? 47? 46? Speed of a car is very relative.

    What kind of lap times are you seeing? Over the last few hours I was running on monza with another very fast guy and the BMW was certainly not getting away from my Lambo, on lap time the Lambo was faster, fastest Lambo lap just then was a 1:47.750. BMW is quick out of a corner but doesn’t break as well and nowhere near as fast mid corner
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  7. martcerv

    martcerv Alien

    I want the BOP to be close to resembling the real field. There really isnt that much in the cars and .3 is pretty darn close between cars. Maybe fastest to slowest for me is about .5 though the old gtr I havent ran much and never got much pace out of that.

    Get longer races things will change and if these so called fast guys only want to drive the car they perceive is fastest then good luck to them. Just hope they dont leave the server as soon as they find out they get beaten by a slower car.

    If they only want to run one car then maybe they can run the Porsche cup or Lambo Trofeo rumoured to come for ACC. We really dont need all cars to be 100% equal if they arent really, there are strengths to all cars and top speed which this thread is about is far from the most important factor in lap speed.
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  8. Pani De Pani

    Pani De Pani Gamer

    We can choose we want based in how it performs in specific track, fixed car for a whole season will equal more the cars
  9. nkohout

    nkohout Gamer

    I drove a 45 minute race with the Huracan at Monza on the safe setup. After the race, I checked tire wear, and my left rear was well on its way to being toast. I think I was down to 1.9mm on the inside edge, and that was in ideal conditions.

    When we get full stint (60min) sprint or endurance races, tire degradation and getting tire pressures/cambers right are going to catch a lot of people out.

    The RC F is going to be a quick car, but it's not great with tire deg, and I'm guessing we might see that car get popular in shorter races but only be competitive on less abrasive surfaces for longer races.

    I also don't think I've seen any servers with air temps at 30C or higher. Hot weather is going to mess with the heavier cars.

    Even accounting for all of these things, the vast majority of the Sprint field this season is AMG/Audi/Lamborghini, and that's for a reason.
  10. TRIAS

    TRIAS Gamer

    Yesterday on Nurenberg there were 5 BMWs (1.53.8 - 1.54.2, optimum track) qualified at front. I was 6th in lambo (with 2 BMW right behind). Within 30 min. of race they ALL started to make mistakes (which is not an indication of consistent good driver). All I did was holding behind them and sure enough they fell off one by one due to their own mistakes within first 8 laps. Conclusion: Average guys can show good times in BMW but can't keep the pace when it comes to long stints. Developers holding the line that BMW is BOPed as in real Blancpain. Good argument indeed. BUT... There are maybe 150 drivers affiliated with real Blancpain and thousands in ACC. In ACC we can squeeze more than in RL. If you ask me, ACC BMW acceleration is like it is a car from different class. When lambo can't hold behind BMW while being in air pocket is worrisome. BMW gains good 30m on nurenberg from lambo (I had better exit and in fron of BMW, and on radar at the beginning of straight BMW was falling behind and yet by the end of straight it managed to be in "the wheel" of my lambo before right hander. ACC is taking Mario Kart bread right there. Seriously, Devs. please look at it, there is an issue with BMW acceleration. In any case I strongly believe that we as simracers need tools to "fine tune" BOP for league racing. So far I have not heard anything if we will have those tools available.
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  11. Mitja Bonca

    Mitja Bonca Alien

    @TRIAS , its not that bad actually. There isn`t much of a difference, if any at all. Did few races now at the Nurr with my new car (Lambo), and could easily keep up with BMWs. We were all doing same laps as you stated above, for the whole race more or less. Remember, most depends on the car setup, and how it can accelerate out of the turn, this can then translates on most of the straight, only on the end German cars are bit faster (if car goes over lets say 240-250km/h), but that is only few tenths maybe per lap, excluding drivers mistakes.
    I used to drive BMW for the whole time, now for the last 2 days I`m more on Lambo, and I can say I`m only few tenths slower in it. Its more of a personal opinion and car setup on the end. I only find Lambo a bit more edgy car, has a very little margins for errors when on the limit. Specially I have "problems" on turn in when still on brakes, easy to spin around, but I`m sure it can be salved with the setup too.
    Last edited: May 5, 2019
  12. ▣ HiTzz

    ▣ HiTzz Gamer

    Its good that people discuss about it but dude, acc is not even out yet. And imo its better to make cars as they are IRL rather than create non existant specifications that completely distorts real car equivalents, thats the point of simulator to represent cars as they are in real life.
  13. TRIAS

    TRIAS Gamer

    I certainly see that Kunos is testing newer cars with some (I assume undisclosed number of hopefully good ) sim drivers and I am certainly not going to beat this BMW drum endlessly until release. Still, there are situations when we ACC users will need to have means to BOP cars as some leagues ballast succesful drivers to even out odds, so that feature should be in ACC regardless.
  14. Can anyone help me to understand how to reach 27.3 in zolder driving a 488? because I had the feeling I was driving an f1 when I did 28.3.
    I am surely doing something wrong.
    Assuming not all cars can be fast in all tracks, don't worry: BMW has not shown its weaknesses yet.
    instead what is more important @Aristotelis. There should be a short text tutorial that explains how to drive or setup a car in the menu.
    I say it because I often see people with a bmw challenging me on braking (488).
    Then the collisions physics has to be a lot more forgiving and the damage is should be explained more in detail.
    Whenever a Jag or a 488 has a little contact, it's over.
  15. Serge M

    Serge M Alien

    What lap times were you doing though? You seem to focus on the straights but what about the twisty bits in between? Lambo should be a fair bit quicker through a large part of that track and it’s a fair bit better on the breaks
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  16. martcerv

    martcerv Alien

    Top speed is not the key factor, if your so worried about top speeds simply pick the car that is the fastest in a straight line.

    The BMW is worse on brakes and slower mid corner then the Lambo and Ferrari, at Zolder possibly BMW seems rather good but at Monza which I tested more recently most cars are very close. This with considerably different top speeds and general ways they all achieve their lap times.

    Wait til 1.0 surely everything wont be perfect but even in real Blancpain BOP is a big talking point amongst teams and drivers.

    If you feel 1 car is too fast challenge yourself in the ones you think are very slow. You may surprise yourself what you can get out of the "slow" ones, sometimes you may be a touch of the ultimate pace but then in a long race a few tenths per lap isnt that bad unless the guy ahead never makes a mistake.

    Also run races in varied conditions, Endurance racing is not all about who gets pole in optimal conditions. ;)

    At Nuerbergring 1.53.8 can be beaten by just about all the cars there and the Lambo cpukd have easily done this even mid race.
    Last edited: May 6, 2019
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  17. martcerv

    martcerv Alien

    I did a little testing of the cars at Monza, just minor setup adjustments and tried to get in a decent lap with each car. I didn't run the old gtr but for some reason I struggled to get the new one under 1:48 though I have done this in the past. Also with the replay system being a bit clunky it seems for the Jag TV cam lap its the wrong one so its a bit slower then it should but all the onboard laps are correct.

    Looking at that and if I had another go in the GTR and got it under 1:48 it would be less then 6 tenths for me in these 6 cars with reasonable paced laps even if none are close to perfect.

    The video is still processing with max quality at 4k60 which will help get some detail with 6 laps onscreen at once, it will probably be fairly useless at 360p. :p
    Last edited: May 7, 2019
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    LATE4APEX Alien

    Couldn't agree more.

    Just because the M6 for example, seams to accelerate better than another manufactures car, does NOT automatically mean it will be an overall faster car.

    Could simply mean that is the result of the series balancing, and the M6 will be less efficient in other areas, because of its weight distribution, frontal area for some examples.

    Even if we had a good/fast driver test an M6 and a Lambo for example, and declare one faster than the other, could simply mean that car suits his driving style better, and therefore means nothing.

    I use the M6 because it seamed to suit my driving style better, such as it is, but after making a lot of adjustments to help turn in, I think I will try the Lambo again, as it should naturally be better at turn in, and not need as much tuning with some negative results.
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  19. martcerv

    martcerv Alien

    Going from that video I posted here are the speeds I got compared to the OP, also mine wasn't exactly at the 150m sign as I brake a bit sooner then this usually its just the max speed of each car before braking.

    Monza (BOP A), Start/Finish-Straight, 150m-sign

    Car (fastest to slowest) Top Speed in kilometers per hour (kph)
    Lamborghini Huracan 278 277
    Emil Frey Jaguar G3 277 277
    Bentley Continental 275 274
    Nissan GT-R 2018 273 273
    Ferrari 488 273 273
    BMW M6 272 275

    Main difference in mine is the BMW is 3rd fastest in a straight line at Monza and not the slowest, This likely as to do with exit out of the parabolica which is a key factor in the top speed at Monza. In racing I have been able to draft past the Lamborghini driving the Ferrari so slowest vs fastest can still pass each other at Monza, but Ferrari is the best car out into and out of parabolica so its not hard to get very close to other cars ahead. The GTR and Bentley are pretty bad in this corner at least with my setup so passing anything but eachother on the main straight needs some help from the car ahead making a small error.

    For an example also you can see min speeds in corners for all cars in my test, obviously they aren't all perfect laps so possibly could be faster but it is what it is with a very limited sample size.

    Min speed 1st chicane

    Lamborghini Huracan 62
    Emil Frey Jaguar G3 62
    Bentley Continental 62
    Nissan GT-R 2018 62
    Ferrari 488 64
    BMW M6 65

    Min speed 2nd chicane

    Lamborghini Huracan 88
    Emil Frey Jaguar G3 92
    Bentley Continental 84
    Nissan GT-R 2018 85
    Ferrari 488 93
    BMW M6 89

    Min speed 1st Lesmo

    Lamborghini Huracan 130
    Emil Frey Jaguar G3 132
    Bentley Continental 133
    Nissan GT-R 2018 129
    Ferrari 488 136
    BMW M6 134

    Min speed speed 2nd lesmo

    Lamborghini Huracan 131
    Emil Frey Jaguar G3 130
    Bentley Continental 131
    Nissan GT-R 2018 131
    Ferrari 488 133
    BMW M6 133

    Min speed Ascari

    Lamborghini Huracan 133
    Emil Frey Jaguar 129
    Bentley Continental 124
    Nissan GT-R 2018 126
    Ferrari 488 138
    BMW M6 130

    Min speed 1st Parabolica
    Lamborghini Huracan 128
    Emil Frey Jaguar 133
    Bentley Continental 128
    Nissan GT-R 2018 130
    Ferrari 488 135
    BMW M6 133

    Looking at this not so conclusive data, would really need multiple laps in each with motec and compare the best achievable min speeds without running off track. 2nd chicane especially is very easy to be +- 5kmh depending on how you made the brake then turn in. Run a bit deep and wide you will lose quite a bit of speed, setup can likely improve the cars here and its surprising to see the last 4 corners are fairly similar min speeds.

    The bentley is an intersting one, its nearly slowest mid corner and nearly slowest in a straight line but overall pace is pretty decent. It must have the best acceleration out of corners, the BMW really never feels fast as its a bit lazy and soft compared to the ferarri and Lambo. But its pretty stable and has good grip plus can use a bit more curb then a few others, the GTR I see where I could have found the time as I was just a bit too slow in corners and by feel at least this seems to have a bit more to give.

    The cars gearing will also have a reasonable impact on min speeds, some cars feel nearly perfect around the track like the ferrari ration wise. The Bentley is geared very tall and is a bit awkward at that 130kmh mark a bit short for 3rd and a bit too tall for 2nd.
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