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PHYSICS Brake ducts and Tyre damage

Discussion in 'ACC Blog' started by Aristotelis, Apr 3, 2019.

  1. Aristotelis

    Aristotelis Will it drift? Staff Member KS Dev Team

    First post updated with v1.2 features!
  2. mtz.enjoi

    mtz.enjoi Racer

    Brake pads sorted by their aggression level: 4, 1, 2, 3

    Why is 4 not 1 and make it ... intuitive ? :)
  3. Epistolarius

    Epistolarius Alien

    Because it's not typically used in the series and just a neat addition for the sim?
  4. Aristotelis

    Aristotelis Will it drift? Staff Member KS Dev Team

    Because 4 is in only for demonstration so that you guys can play a bit and see the results in less than an hour racing.
    With all the other pads you'll need at least 3 hours of racing... or 24...

    Pad 4 is generally not advisable for racing or even hotlapping as its modulability for those cars, might through you out. Aliens might even be better with pad2 as it is very linear to use.
  5. Nico1979

    Nico1979 Racer

    @Aristotelis I understand the selection for brakepads an their different characteristics. but what the brake disk selection from 1 to 4 means? also characteristic or just the set like the tyre sets? great update by the way! congrats to the team!
  6. david m

    david m Racer

    brake disk selection from 1 to 4 is about wich kind of brake pad are you want to use it.
  7. Nico1979

    Nico1979 Racer

    thx. and whats the meaning of the brake pad selection 1 to 4? maybe I mess something up and have to study the setup gui better tonight.
  8. Aristotelis

    Aristotelis Will it drift? Staff Member KS Dev Team

    It's all explained in the first post of this very thread.
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  9. n1lyn

    n1lyn Racer

    Do the different brake discs/pads also create different heat levels (well, yes) and does that also change the tire heating/pressure noticeably?

    The only thing I'm missing now is on the hardware end: We need actual force feedback in brake pedals, so that you can actually start feeling the brake as in the real car, feel it fade, feel it lock, etc.
    Piret2000 likes this.
  10. Aristotelis

    Aristotelis Will it drift? Staff Member KS Dev Team

    It's subtle, but it is there, especially in pad3 (in dry conditions)
  11. n1lyn

    n1lyn Racer

    Thanks, was there any other change regarding logic of tire pressures? I will need to check other cars, but I miss a whole PSI in same conditions with same setup compared to old patch at the moment in the lambo evo
  12. trutya

    trutya Simracer

    great read, thanks.
    is there any plan in the future to implement the 5min technical pit stop in 24h Spa event?
    (if it's already there, sorry, never did a 24h race yet)

    great work from all of you, big thanks! far the best simulator out there, and who knows what future brings yet :)
  13. exited22

    exited22 Gamer

    Did try to race with pad 4 yesterday on the 6pm competition server in the 45min race. I know you said it's only for demonstration, but I wanted to test and actually I was little bit surprised by the results :)
    First of all, I was in the BMW.
    Is it normal that after 20min of racing you don't have any braking power until you press the pedal for more than 80%? After 20min I had 15mm pad and 26mm disc left and the car was undrivable, because I could only brake 100% or 0% because 80% of the brake pedal travel was dead.

    Another thing, is the pad and disc wear information the wrong way round? If I have new brakes it showes me in the 'fuel & pit menu' that I have 29mm pad wear and 34mm disc wear (don't know that exact number). If I start driving then that number becomes smaller, which is imo not the definition of wear. The width of the pad and disc decreases, but the wear of them should increase and should start with 0mm :)
    Something got lost in translation I think ;-)

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  14. trutya

    trutya Simracer

    i think it's the same logic as for the tyres. for new tyres you see full depth of rubber, numbers get lower as the tyre wears out and has tighter rubber.
  15. Coanda

    Coanda Alien

    trutya likes this.
  16. Aristotelis

    Aristotelis Will it drift? Staff Member KS Dev Team

    Sometimes you're really trying to reinvent the wheel, guys...
    The tyre wear is the depth of the tyre tread. You wear the tyre down and the depth becomes less.
    The brake pads and disc wear is the thickness of them. You wear the pads and discs down and the thickness become less.

    It's not a matter of showing something in a User Interface or similar. It's engineering language. It's a simulator, it is better you learn to "talk the language" as they say. I'm available to clear and explain things up as usual.
    Last edited: Dec 19, 2019
  17. trutya

    trutya Simracer

    that's very clear, thanks.
    Aristotelis likes this.
  18. exited22

    exited22 Gamer

    Sorry even if that is 'engineering language' it's still confusing as it contradicts the meaning for the word 'wear'. For me, when something is new (like a brake disc) it has no wear, when you use that thing you start the wearing it out and the wear goes up.
    If nothing changed it made perfectly sense for me for the tires as the UI displayed the remaining tire TREAD which was initially 3mm and then went down when driving towards 1,5mm.
    I'm not saying this is a major issue, but it is just not intuitive and I needed a few seconds to get what the UI wants to tell me yesterday when I tried to understand what happened to my brakes in that Monza race on the competition server.

    Can you comment about my question in my initial post about the disc and pad wear when using option 4?

  19. Loeki

    Loeki Gamer

    What is not said in this explanation that u want to know?
  20. exited22

    exited22 Gamer

    Maybe that he says in the explanation that this pad will last for a one hour sprint race but in game your brakes are gone after 20min? I could brake with 80% brake pedal travel in straight line and did not have any deceleration at all.

    You can guide me to the section in the opening post where this is covered. If read it 3 times now and did not find a part about such a Degradation of pad and disc.
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