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THREAD OF THE YEAR Need help please dog ate my cords

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Exonic Dobs, Dec 25, 2020.

  1. Me too. And he's a terrible driver while using a gamepad.
    Exonic Dobs likes this.
  2. And all you ever wanted was for your dog to eat to your homework.....:(
    GCCRacer, Exonic Dobs and AndyK70 like this.
  3. sps_for_race

    sps_for_race Alien

    Guys, please stop rubbing salt in the wound, it´s Christmas time.
    Exonic Dobs likes this.
  4. It's not supposed as that :confused:
    Exonic Dobs likes this.
  5. Exonic Dobs

    Exonic Dobs Rookie

    Thats because i miss my wheel lol
  6. Exonic Dobs

    Exonic Dobs Rookie

    Well, I want to say thank you all. Someone has been generous enough to mail me an old wheel and pedal setup. I can't thank them enough and also cant wait to see you all on the track best of luck to you and may I be in your mirror.
  7. Don't let the dog chew the leads again:eek:
    AndyK70 and After_Midnight like this.
  8. Great to hear :) It seems to be a good thing to start the "THREAD OF THE YEAR".
    If you like your new wheel it might be a good thing to order something like that:

    Have fun and stay safe :)
    AndyK70 and Dave Courtley like this.
  9. This thread has brightened up Christmas no end.:rolleyes:
    dek and After_Midnight like this.
  10. Exonic Dobs

    Exonic Dobs Rookie

    yea i was going to have it so he can't chew on it again or just put him in the cage when i go to race lol
    After_Midnight likes this.
  11. bondyboy

    bondyboy Alien

    maybe do something about the anger issue? not right to be throwing that away for a broken cable, unless you have money to burn

    gofundme for anger management class?
    XettMan and After_Midnight like this.
  12. To be honest, that made me laugh at first but yes of course. A very valid point you've made. :)
  13. Exonic Dobs

    Exonic Dobs Rookie

    Ummm i actually have good anger management at the time I didn't think I was going to be able to fix the cords since he chewed through them completely and tossed it was I angry that my wheel was destroyed yes but is anyone perfect no. no one is perfect we all make mistakes.
    After_Midnight likes this.
  14. Most important you learned from it :)
  15. Exonic Dobs

    Exonic Dobs Rookie

    yes I have most definitely
    Whitestar and After_Midnight like this.
  16. bondyboy

    bondyboy Alien

    = I have good anger management, except when I get angry enough to throw away valuable (and easily fixed) electronics.
    GCCRacer and XettMan like this.
  17. Exonic Dobs

    Exonic Dobs Rookie

    ok again we all make mistakes no need to be toxic on a thread post. are you that bored?
  18. BUCKE_

    BUCKE_ Rookie

    wow...you threw it away. shame that you didn't know it *could* be fixed. also makes me wonder how you react when you get into a pile up on Monza T1 :D LOL!!!

    Seriously - I hate it for you, and hope you get a new wheel soon. Safe driving mate!
  19. bondyboy

    bondyboy Alien

    where am I being toxic? chill dude :cool:
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