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Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by Rioku, Jun 4, 2019.

  1. Rioku

    Rioku Racer

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  3. Stupid video full of fake news. According to the vid ACC cars have low res sponsor decals yet my car looks like this:

    Video says that ACC has no damage....really?
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  4. cr4wl3r0

    cr4wl3r0 Racer

    I have been a Project Cars 2 fan/player since Acc came out.
    A second after I was driving only ACC.....

    I feel very grateful towards Slightly Mad Studios, because they have raised the bar.

    Project Cars 2 is far less arcade than many people say, and IMHO it can be considered a decent simulation (because every sim has its trade-offs...).

    On the other hand I feel ACC is a step forward: it is more "serious", and make me want to drive it instead of PC2.
    Shame that ACC lacks some features PC2 has or tried to implement.

    I really miss those things in ACC (thing PC2 has at some level......)

    1) _ dust rising from dirt areas of tracks (Pc2 has something..... tries to have something....)

    2) _ a more deep level of damage (Pc2 is quite far ahead...)

    3) _ more smoke/debris effects, for example exhaust smoke, frictions smoke, damage smoke etc ...... come on .... IRL Blancpain has a lot of it ..........

    4) _ head tracking support

    But in the end I do prefere ACC: for example fbb is far better, audio is far better, the general sense of ... serious simulating, is far ahead (and this is what I am looking for...)

    I KINDLY suggest to ACC Developers (Aris for example is a very very nice person......, but I think everyone in the Kunos team is....) to try to give me/us what is "missing" (see above), but TBH I also think it' s a good time for simracing lovers :)

    ps: I forgot.... give us some more laset scanned tracks (for example some track used for testing sessions IRL ...... I hope they exist...or otherwise forget fidelity to Real life and.... give us Mugello & Co :)

    Best regards !!!!!!
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  5. To be honest, the damage level in PC2 is meh....It was great in the beginning of the development (WMD member anyone?), but had to be tuned down due to car manufacturers requests. I guess, Kunos also has some compulsory limits in this area.
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  6. cr4wl3r0

    cr4wl3r0 Racer

    I agree/understand;
    But I don' t understand manufacturer restraints: there are no limits in Real Life Races, so I suggest/kindly ask Devs/Manufacturers to go a little bit ahead, at least until a level of non catastrophic damage .......
    I speak about the kind of driver' s car/other car' s damage that permits race going on..... I think about the dynamic/life that some detail in this area can give to the race.....

    Best regards
  7. MatizRippa

    MatizRippa Rookie

    Yes, we def need damage indicator/bar, and visual damage too. Yesterday I was rammed in T1 @nür, there was nothing too see not even scratch on the side. Then I entered pit for rep. but I didnt know what need to be done.
  8. LucaBenj

    LucaBenj Racer

    On STEAM it costs less than fourteen euros. At least in practice I will get a personal idea
  9. Andrew_WOT

    Andrew_WOT Alien

    You gotta love this one.
  10. ACC
    has my vote.
    Its not perfect - patching is obviously needed if Kunos want this game to live up to its name for years to come.

    I don't see why ACC couldn't be expanded to include 24 Hours of Le Mans or other series much like DCS, iRacing, and others have done to increase the lifespan and profit of their product.
    • Patch notes are proof of quality support.
    • authentic, accurate, visually stunning, and focused.
    • AI is far superior to PCARS!
    • Community is friendlier, mods/devs are more professional, and overall a better experience.

    PCARS (configured as sim)
    • Stunning graphics
    ... but eyecandy.
    • could have easily gone down as the best simcade title for years
    ... if it was in the hands of the right developers.

    Unfortunately SMS fooled me twice!
    I purchased many copies of both 1 and 2 for myself and others.
    SMS/WMD will never get another $ from me!

    My last experience between patches on both games was some hit or mostly miss.
    • Each patch added to the already lengthy list of issues.
    Patch notes showed no honest effort from release to the day support was dropped not once, but twice to focus on a 3rd.

    Both PCARS are uninstalled and basically discarded in my library.
  11. romandevision

    romandevision Simracer

    PC2 is a good game, but with road driving, I understand that this is not at all the way it should be. And I doubt that motorsport is similar to this game.Compared with ACC - PC2 is a boat sailing simulator.

    Exactly worth to try, I do not regret the time spent in PC2.
  12. Well I don't think that pCARS2 and ACC are comparable, because what these two games offer (yes, both are just video games, nothing less, nothing more), is totally different from each other. Both titles have their strong and weak points. Were ACC focuses on a single racing series for the time being in a very detailed and convincing way, pCARS2 tried to give the player a wide offer from all around the different racing series and eras. Additionally pCARS offers mud/rally/ice racing, which works really well due to their sophisticated tire model. However, it has its shortcomings and bugs, which never will be solved, and leaves the user with salty taste.
    I have been following simracing since the early days of pCARS1, and what always stands out is, that many people, who have never driven a real race car, pretend to know how a car in a video game should feel. This observation only renders all discussion about "What sim (errr....video game, I mean) is better in terms of FFB, car behaviour and what not. It's just senseless. Enjoy it, or don't enjoy, simple as that. There will always be differences between the sim titles out there. Like a Battlefield will never be a Call of Duty, GTA will never be Fallout, Witcher will never be Skyrim.... deal with it and stop moaning.
  13. Bethasia

    Bethasia Rookie

    I think you hit the nail on the head here and licensing a car from Ford, for example, they cant be burnt, shown in a negative manner and drivers have to be wearing seatbelts just to name a few. Probably different manufacturers have their own guidelines of what they expect but they reserve the right to protect their branding and would all be very similar.

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