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Physical Condition v Sim Racing Performance

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Plastic_Manc, Dec 6, 2019.

  1. bgil66

    bgil66 Alien

    I really have to stop thinking about other things while in the sim. Always screwing up my laps. Focus focus focus
  2. 6de1952650

    6de1952650 Rookie

    it’s about the most physical PC game I can think of. So being in shape helps.
  3. michael_

    michael_ Simracer

    Nope. Everyone I know that's good at computer games, and I mean at a "best in the world" level, is not particularly fit or healthy in lifestyle terms.

    That said, anecdotally I aim better in an FPS after I've been cycling, but I really think if this is an affect at all it's simply because I'm so fatigued after cycling I'm
    just more relaxed and smoother with the mouse. I think the fact I can play games at this point shows that you don't need physical strength or stamina to any great degree to play them.

    If you asked me to go out and do another hour on the bike, I'd probably be struggling and if not, fatigue would eventually build. Whereas I've sat and played over 40 hours a week
    in computer games without any issue (and it's not like I'm the most prolific gamer out there)

    They tend to be young though. Which gives us 2 problems (a) Most people that are good at a particular game may well find themselves leaving college, getting a job, getting married and simply stop playing before we get to see if their lifestyle would have stymied their playing into their 30s and 40s and (b) Unless you're competing against some hypothetical fit and healthy people who gain from this you'd never notice. i.e so long as all or most top level computer gamers aren't fit and healthy you don't need to be, because anything you lose from your health or fitness practically everyone else is going to be losing too. Maybe if one pro level team start going to the gym and winning they all would if that were perceived as giving them an edge.

    TBH, right now it seems far more likely that the gains, if any, from going to the gym are going to be negligible compared with the hours spent practising whatever game you've chosen to compete in.

    I'd certainly opt for a healthier lifestyle over not, especially if you're the wrong side of 40 or 50. I mean there are definitely things that decline with age that you might imagine help you play computer games and exercise is cited as helping slow the decline of aging.

    That said, for most computer gaming you're using a keyboard and mouse or controller. Maybe sim racing is more physical because of FFB?

    TBH I doubt that would make much difference because although our peripherals use more force, it's not really a significant force. Perhaps you notice it now when you have an injury, of course, but it's not really something that requires significant strength or stamina. Certainly you can play sims using less forces than those required to drive a real car (not to mention most of the forces we experience in a real car don't exist in a sim) and I doubt doing so has any impact on your ability to get quick times.

    e.g I typically have a 160bpm heart rate for an hour or so of cycling indoors in the winter. I'm outputting around 150-200 watts average into the pedals and maybe 400-500w for a few short bursts.
    Sim racing and computer gaming don't require anything like that level of physical exertion. You'd be getting a tougher workout if you walked the dog than if you did a few hotlaps.

    If anything, driving smoothly in a sim (or playing any computer game) I find myself focussed and calm and relaxed. Albeit the level of concentration is fatiguing eventually and there are some issues you have to watch with repetitive strain injuries from using the mouse. Maybe FFB wheels could do similar if you were susceptible or playing with bad posture etc.

    VR headsets can add to that fatigue (although the newer ones are better IME suggesting that as we get higher and higher resolutions we'll be able to sit in them for as long as we've got to waste)

    I suppose some people may go OTT with their wheel FFB settings but given your premise of "being quicker" I don't think particularly strong FFB is required to be quick.
  4. WallyM

    WallyM Alien

    I'm a pretty fit guy with a low resting heart rate. Some years ago, just for fun, I wore a heart monitor during a race. I was surprised to see that sitting on the grid waiting for the lights, my heart rate went up to 106. So there is a cardio element to the game. If the room is on the warmer side, I am often a bit hot and sweaty after a long race. So I am definitely burning some calories.
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  5. Serge M

    Serge M Alien

    A fair bit would depend on the users set up. With a quick DD wheel set to real strength (peaking around 12-14nm for a GT3 car I believe) you would be using a decent amount of energy with the strength and quick reaction needed, especially if racing for over an hour race distance. If you are in a close race going bumper to bumper at speed this would increase again with increased heart rate.

    Add pedals that for some can require over 140Kg of force for max braking and an hour race can be a fair workout both physically and mentally.

    More basic setups with a Logitech G series wheel would be a good bit easier.

    This “simulation factor” doesn’t really have anything to do with speed, anyone can be fast with anything. Some just want to get as close as possible to the real thing without racing the real thing.

    A set up with a high end DD Wheel, pedals, full motion, VR and the rest of the fun things you can do these days would certainly take more out of you then a G27 bolted to a desk and an office chair.

    Personally I’m fairly spent when we run 90 minute races in our league, and even 60 you certainly feel it.
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  6. Rogue Leader

    Rogue Leader Racer

    Trolling? I've been racing cars for 20+ years, this is the most realistic feeling sim I've ever experienced. Pro drivers IN THE SERIES this game is based on have said the same.

    Anyway I found physical fitness makes a difference especially in your ability to concentrate and get "in the zone". While sure in a sim setup in your home is not the same as the g-forces of a real car, there is still real fatigue form the repetitive motions, ffb vibrations and fights, as well as mental fatigue. Being in shape makes a big difference there. I've been quite lazy the past few years and my sim racing has suffered for it. I also play later at night (around 11pm) due to getting home late form work, putting the kids to bed, etc. If I was in better shape like I used to be it wouldn't affect me as much I am sure of it, based on my performance in past games, and my performance in my actual car.

    My problem is now if I worked out it would cut into my sim time. Can't win lol.
  7. michael_

    michael_ Simracer

    A high heart rate and sweating from anxiety before a race is not cardio exercise.
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  8. Serge M

    Serge M Alien

    Of course it is. Anything that raises your heart rate is technically cardio
  9. michael_

    michael_ Simracer

    No it isn't. Please don't just make things up. Drinking coffee or beer are not exercise. Watching a horror film is not exercise.

    If you have a low heart rate that could mean "I'm physically fit", it also could mean you're having a heart attack - they are not the same thing.

    Similarly having a high heart rate could mean "I'm exercising" "I'm nervous or excited" "I'm pregnant" "I have a fever" - these are not the same condition. Ebola is not like jogging.

    Your notion that "I have a high heart rate ergo I'm exercising" is wrong.
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2020
    BrunUK likes this.
  10. anthonylroy

    anthonylroy Hardcore Simmer

    If you exercise and keep fit , this will benefit all aspects of your life . Just the fact the you can increase you oxygen levels and pump stimulants (Adrenalin and others ) around you body more efficiently , more oxygen to the brain means that you body is in an higher state of awareness. You have higher perception and quicker reactions etc etc . That is why ALL people who participate is sports of any kind including sitting down are physically fit.
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  11. Serge M

    Serge M Alien

    Sorry but just no on too many levels for me.
    Cardio, short for cardiovascular btw, is fitness of the heart, increasing the work load on the heart in any way exercises the heart. If you keep working the heart at an elevated rate for too long you will risk a heart attack.

    You are confusing muscular fitness and athleticism with cardiovascular activity. An increased heart rate does not increase energy burn significantly enough to have any weight loss and you of course aren’t working any other muscles so you won’t be super shredded any time soon either.
  12. WallyM

    WallyM Alien

    Since when is a high heart rate not a cardio exercise? The sweating is not from anxiety but physical exertion, for 60 to 90 minutes or longer.
  13. Creegz

    Creegz Gamer

    So in any "competitive" gaming scenario physical conditioning is important for a healthy brain. If you sit there driving lap after lap in you'll do well enough but if you can get your brain cranking out other chemicals which you will get from exercise you will likely have a better experience. You will feel more centered. I find that after 20 minutes of cardio I will perform in any competitive game better, even a card game or something. My brain will be far more centered. When I was competitive with FPS games I would run, row or even just skip for 15-20 minutes in the morning depending on weather and meditate for 10. I also find that if I don't play the thing for longer than an hour or two in a sitting I can come back fresh and resolve problems. Diet also plays a huge part. Power your brain with trash and it will not work well. Stay hydrated and eat sensibly. That will help a lot.
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  14. michael_

    michael_ Simracer

    I'm not confused. You are. An increased heart rate can indicate you're exercising but it can also indicate the list of things I already gave : you drank coffee, you have a fever, you're pregnant, you're anxious or you have a serious heart issue and should dial the emergency number.

    Like I said, having Ebola is not exercise. Nor is wetting your knickers in anticipation before a the lights go out at the start of a race. Cardio exercise increases your heart rate doesn't mean that a high heart rate indicates cardio exercise. In the same way that being punched in the face can cause your nose to bleed, it doesn't mean that blood pouring from your nose indicates you were punched - there are other things that cause nose bleeds.

    Mathematically, P -> Q does not mean Q -> P and the list counter examples above show that P <-> Q is not true of a high heart rate and cardio exercise.
  15. Carlos Barros

    Carlos Barros Rookie

    I have difficulties in races over 40min, my wrists start to hurt. Sadly I'm not young anymore.
    Creegz likes this.
  16. Creegz

    Creegz Gamer

    Yeah, I raced for 3 hours 2 days ago and my back between my shoulders has been sore since haha.
  17. mikein

    mikein Rookie

    Same is the case with me.
  18. AJ McDaddy

    AJ McDaddy Simracer

    I think that what others are trying to say is that increased hearth rate, no matter the cause, increases metabolism.
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