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Discussion in 'Steering wheels discussions' started by Ciccina2016, Feb 27, 2019.

  1. Ciccina2016

    Ciccina2016 Racer


    I have been thinking to buy one of these steering wheels
    I really like CSL elite but I am a little bit worried about the rattling noise.
    I own a G29 and I really would like a less noisy wheel.
    What is your experience on that?

    Also the FFB strenght between the 2 is similar or is the CSL so ahead of TS-PC ?

    My idea would be to buy TS-PC and mount it on a wheel stand pro and the Fanatec Brake LC unless the rattling of the CSL elite has been fixed.

    @jaxx_za your input would be great.

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  3. Hi Ciccina2016,
    I think the sound you hear is unique to the CSL Elite XBOX
    I have a csl compatible PS4 is I can assure you that it does
    no nasty noise.
    I find it very well, remember that it does not use the same technology of force feedback, to have tested both, compatible (XBOX and PS4) I find the PS4 widely above
    After I have never tested the TS-PC but I can assure you that it is a very good steering wheel.
    the choice you belong to one as the other you will explode !!!
  4. ohjeah

    ohjeah Simracer

    PS4 version is noisy too. There is an option in the wheel base settings though called FEI which they introduced to help keep the noises down but it also kind of numbs the ffb feeling if used.
  5. Ciccina2016

    Ciccina2016 Racer

    Is it not depending also on thr game? For example is the rattling strong in Ac and ACC?
  6. ohjeah

    ohjeah Simracer

    No idea how it is in acc, dont have that wheelbase anymore. Also the rattling wasnt really a problem for me as I use headphones pretty much always when driving but definitely can be for some.. :)
  7. and it's been 18 months now that I have my CSL PS4 and I never heard any noise and even with the EIF at 80 I do not hear much, as always in this kind of debate there is for and others against.

    and the EIF has nothing to do with noise it's a general effects amplifier (sen, ff, for ...)

    good flying not too expensive
    Last edited: Feb 27, 2019
  8. I read a lot of reviews and watched a few reviews on YouTube, I ended up buying a a TS-PC racer and I am very pleased with it, I think that the Fanatec has better add on wheels, but again I really like the formula style wheel with the ts-pc racer, I play in VR so I am not concerned about how it looks but how it feels. The thing that decided it for me was that I saw at least one YouTube video that I think mentioned the Fanatec wheel being strange at centre, it was Inside sim racing, a well known review site, but I am sure that either wheel would be a great update from the Logitech. I also use the Fanatec CSL Elite lc pedals, good pedals for the money.
  9. Ciccina2016

    Ciccina2016 Racer

    ok.. i will buy both..
  10. LChaves

    LChaves Hardcore Simmer

    Those 2 seem very close in terms of overall FFB.

    Deciding factor in this case shifts to:
    Which one is cheaper?
    Do you intend to remain on "the family" of this brand?
  11. Ciccina2016

    Ciccina2016 Racer

    This looks really scary..

  12. Ciccina2016

    Ciccina2016 Racer

    Also guys, I have just realized that the CSL has 2 versions ??
    One if for XBOX and the other is for PS4?
    My understanding is that the PS4 is a better evolution of the CSL elite XBOX.

    So when it comes to compared it to TS-PC which version should we pick?
    I am very confused.
  13. on the video you posted it is a CSL PS4 but in my opinion to make such a noise the EIF must be set very strong 80/100
    and the FFB too = ~ 100
    so it is obvious that rolling in the grass with a formula X
    and a strong EIF can only induce similar effects.
    it's a very smooth steering wheel with an FFB that can be very strong if it's set high.
    you can look at this to see the different steering wheel settings: https: //www.fanatec.com/forum/discussion/561/finding-the-right-force-feedback-settings-on-ps4
    after as I said before, the choice belong to you,but this one is fine.
  14. Ciccina2016

    Ciccina2016 Racer

    Thanks for the link dude..
  15. aaaape

    aaaape Gamer

    I've got a csw 2.5 and it will basically do the same thing If i have FEI set to 100. I usually keep it set to 70 or less.
    Also I owned the original TS-PC( which is PC only. the TS-XW supports xbox and pc ) I went through the same thing as you in deciding to go fanatec or ts-pc. I found the TC-PC F/GT style rim it comes with very uncomfortable for my hands after a while of driving so I got the 599xx evo. nice feel but it has alot of flex in it and i could always hear the plastic creaking while using it all the while I kept seeing the ads for fantec wheel rims lol. always envious( yes I had wheel envy :) ) so I broke down, sold the thrustmaster and got the fanatec. Love it and really glad I switched. so many amazing rims to choose from that choosing is the hardest part. Plus that fact that I couldn't buy either of thrustmasters 2 best rims without buying another friggin entire wheelbase! thrustmaster just sucks like that... If your interested in fanatec at all just buy that, or else you will always wonder and wished you went with them like i did.

    just an fyi though. stay away from the Mclaren Rim. it seems they are still having issues with up shifting ( it will intermittently not shift up or double shift) in some after a couple of weeks. i just had to return mine last month
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2019
  16. Ciccina2016

    Ciccina2016 Racer

    I will go for the TS-PC I think ,maybe I will take the 488 edition .
    I could not find anyone complaning about the rattling sound and youtuber as Javer and Ortner use it as main wheel. So I guess it is not so bad.

    I use a wheel stand pro and by having that rattling sound , my entire room will vibrate and in UK floors are really ****. I can imagine downstairs complaning about it.

    Yes, it seems like the FEI would reduce it but then you need to spend time on tweacking the FFB.

    I just want something that I plug in and works.

    the 2.5 would be another level but it costs much more.
  17. aaaape

    aaaape Gamer

    yeah hopefully it doesn't have the flex and creaking of the 599xx evo alcantara but other than the lights they look the same
    Ciccina2016 likes this.
  18. Ciccina2016

    Ciccina2016 Racer

    Actually Romain Monti uses the TS-PC? This is quite cool

    Have you noticed the TS-PC advertisements all over the place within the game?

    Subliminal messages here :)
  19. aaaape

    aaaape Gamer

    I notice those parts of the track don't perform as well as the fanatec ones

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