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Unsporting behaviour

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Thug, Mar 12, 2019.

  1. GamerMuscle

    GamerMuscle Hardcore Simmer

    I think you missed the part where we are hosting the races and we are racing for fun it's very casual.

    ironically our subscubers races are often cleaner than many iRacing and SRS races but that's mostly because almost everyone on the server races with eachother regularly , also noone is parking on the race track during a race unless it's the sazuki alto or we are playing wreckfest.
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  2. Minolin

    Minolin Staff Member KS Dev Team

    uh c'mon let's not start a fight about that. I used GM as example because I thought it's obvious that he's a good guy. And my point still holds; with strict penalties he'd just acted different.
  3. GamerMuscle

    GamerMuscle Hardcore Simmer

    Yep I was agreeing with you , it's why Safety rating in SRS and iRacing is good.
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  4. Luis Branco

    Luis Branco Hardcore Simmer

    I didn't miss it because you didn't write it, hint it, referred to it, or implied in any way.
  5. GamerMuscle

    GamerMuscle Hardcore Simmer

    I'm not very good at writing clearly

    I said

    "if it was a proper race , proper qualifying, ranked i racing , SRS , league session or what have you then I don't park on the track."

    I could have been more clear about it being our hosted races.

    Mind you I'm not perfect iv done stupid stuff on iRacing and SRS

    Point is on agragate , hosted ranking system combined with safety rating is essentially mandatory if a racing game is to have as clean as possible servers.

    Safety and consiatancy with racing Sims being way more important than raw lap time.

    We have people on our servers that are 8+ seconds off the pace and we still have fun with them because they drive safe and get out the way for blue flags.
  6. Minolin

    Minolin Staff Member KS Dev Team

    sorry @doamf , I'll move your post here as I want the other thread to remain clean:

    > Since the sim is still in EA status and as you pointed out is currently in a state of "transition point of having a pretty good and stable MP base", is this not a bit too early?

    No, it's quite precise but we may have a different interpretation of "base" - I mean the underlying technology involving netcode, servers, anything basic. You need this before you can go on with gameplay & rating stuff.

    > Why not implement the planned changes in forthcoming release(s) first, including a fully functional rating system as intended?

    Well, then we could skip the EA program completely and just release the final product somewhen. The problem is that especially my stuff needs lots of real data to get into shape - I don't see any scenario how we could build a monster of a rating system just based on internal test data.
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  7. doamf

    doamf Racer

    That's what makes you the specialist and me the enthusiast, thanks for replying.
  8. Max Doubt

    Max Doubt Racer

    What's the rationale for needing to stop the car to pit or quit? In other games, especially in quali, I sometimes find it useful to quickly bail rather than affect another nearby driver after a mistake.
  9. Thug

    Thug Hardcore Simmer

    Play in VR and I have to stretch to reach my keyboard, whilst stretching I have no idea and no control of where my car is going.
    For that reason I have to pull over, put into neutral and then press escape.
  10. Max Doubt

    Max Doubt Racer

    I've posted the below under the ratings section also, but thought it was also relevant here (sorry and remove if this is a no no):

    Is it really hard to code rules that assign blame to one driver in particular situations?

    The main parameters I'd assume would be;

    Speed in relation to track position,

    Relative track position of different cars with according rule sets (3 possible - behind, next to or in front calculated with a 'rear pillar' rule or similar),

    Turning inputs when 'next to' including consideration of allowing track width either side in such cases.

    Basically to assign responsibility to cars ahead/behind/side by side dynamically. Any such rules could be clearly detailed also and assist the whole community with instructions and general racing etiquette/rules.

    Sure this is difficult even for stewards in racing, but it would only need to work most times for obvious infringements. Any difficult calls could default to the generic system, possibly with a reduced factor in such cases.

    It seems to me that the precise inputs and positions are more easily measured within a computer program than to assess in a timely fashion in reality. Could this not be exploited to provide a more complex safety system and at least deter "I'll take you down with me" behaviors?
  11. The general behaviour that I find tonight was more toxic than a low priority match in a MOBA game... And that's one of the most toxic thing ever
    People getting rammed and for revenge they start to ram everyone else. Well I lost 20 points in 2 races, only 1 tap from me (1 point), the rest was being rammed at the speed of the light and bouncing against others
    People cutting every single turn at Monza and still I managed to pass them countless time because they are not able to make a single turn right
    Chat was filled with so creative insults that made me convert my sadness into giggles.

    On the other hand had some good races with some, no matter if slower or faster or the same level.
    I'll keep playing online, at this stage, even if I'll meet only 1 clean driver out of 10 because the game with the latest updates is shaping really well and deserve to be tested again and again and again
  12. Minolin

    Minolin Staff Member KS Dev Team

    In SP only? no, not really that hard. In MP? absolutely.
    While you have reliable and racelike actions from all the other cars - except the one human you want to rate, it's roughly as easy as you describe. Ther are like 5 or 6 rules to cover, that may be a bit of work but that's it. In code reality it'll be a bit more.

    The problem is when you can't rely on anybody, and need to understand all the absurd scenarios first. It's starting with questions like "are both cars going in the same direction on the circuit?", and you'll need a much more complex construct before you can even start with what it actually is about.
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  13. Thug

    Thug Hardcore Simmer

    Decided to play a different track last night (Zolder) and didn't see anyone trying to spoil it at all.
    There were a few 'bumps', and even I did a couple myself, but no one cut the track or intentionally rammed people.
    I guess its just the newer released tracks that are having the main issues.
    I recommend playing older tracks for a better experience.

    BTW, I finished 3rd after starting about 18th (20 min race).
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  14. Max Doubt

    Max Doubt Racer

    BTW, by really hard I mean very hard. I have no idea about programming and don't consider it to be easy or mean to take away from what you're doing. Thanks.
  15. MrGit@Twitch

    MrGit@Twitch Hardcore Simmer

    I think it's because of the tracks popularity, I've noticed my Monza server is always busy, but with my other two ( currently Zolder/wet Nurburgring) I get people on them but in much lower numbers, so yea.. for a better chance of a cleaner race, seek out other tracks.
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  16. henkjansmits

    henkjansmits Simracer

    Isnt this a nice thing for classifier AI supervised learning? There must have been some research on this. Take the trajectories of the nearest 10 cars and their driver inputs, over the 10 sec before the crash and then have a person label lots of situations. Iracing could probably trial that approach with the data they have. Must be possible to get right 90% of the time or so.

    Anyway, I'm having a lot of fun in the MP at the moment. Even running the gauntlet through the wrecker chicane has some appeal.
  17. tjr

    tjr Hardcore Simmer

    Yes, I raced on Zolder last night as well and it was largely a great experience (maybe you were there?) The rolling start is still a mess with people behind getting impatient and bumping those in front, but once that's all done with you can have a good race. Monza seems attract the more unsporting players, but my hunch is that they just target the busier servers where they can cause the most misery to others.
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  18. Winston

    Winston Hardcore Simmer

    Yeah its the same on AC, there's a Monza non kissmyrank server where it's notorious for wreckers.
    High speed and slow chicanes and plenty of opportunity to park around corners.
    My guess is they have migrated across.
  19. I am of the same opinion, maybe also that ZOLDER is a track that smacks ... !!! _ ???
  20. Paul Sutton

    Paul Sutton Simracer

    Even the real drivers cant get it right at Monza. What chance do we sim racers have:eek::eek:

    AND again T1
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