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ACC - Sound Design

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Ozelot S, Mar 23, 2018.

  1. Poguinhas

    Poguinhas Alien

    Brake noise. I downloaded the custom sound file for the Audi GT3 2016 and the brake squeal adds a lot of immersion.
  2. AC Support

    AC Support Official Support Staff Member KS Dev Team

    Braking feedback is there and it is way more elaborated than AC1... but I can't unveil anything now. :D
  3. mms

    mms Alien

    You know that torture is illegal in most countries, right? :D
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  4. ShredatorFIN

    ShredatorFIN Alien

    Actually now I realize, we hear the improved 488 transmission sound already in the background of this video:

    At around 3:15 --> the sound is not coming from Dries Vanthoors rig, but off-screen someone is running 488. People talk over it, but you can hear. Sounds brilliant, exactly the type of sound as in the Macau vid
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  5. Poguinhas

    Poguinhas Alien

    I think I heard some brake squeal as well.
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  6. tow

    tow Racer

    Acc 488 something is missing when the car downshift(1:24), the vroom sound is gentle and shorten.
    Real 488 down shift (0:22), you can hear very aggressive and quite long vrooooooooooom sound .
    I know i know is too early to talk about this, but just want to remind. :p

    Last edited: Jun 29, 2018
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  7. Poguinhas

    Poguinhas Alien

    I agree, the sound is a bit too low and too 'clean' when off throttle. Apart from that it's really good.
  8. marconi

    marconi Gamer

    My biggest wish with ACC is that the sound matches or supasses Raceroom. Raceroom seriously raised the bar on the sound front and is a major factor i race with it.
    I can live in hope.....
  9. Dean Ogurek

    Dean Ogurek Alien

    RaceRoom audio is great in some ways and not so much in other ways, we'd really have to look at several titles to find the stand-out's in various aspects imo. Still, making really convincing racing audio is extremely complex and there are always limitations - whether resource-related or technical.

    Some things I'd hope for in ACC audio are increased internal-audio range and intensity, consisting of changes to engine volume / pitch / tone variations throughout the RPM range but, I much prefer clean audio over dirty sounding samples. I think too often, people imagine the poor quality audio in so many videos as being the reality, and it's usually due to poor recording quality, mic's picking up resonance or other forms of distortion. Ideally, there should be greater attention paid to having separate samples for accel sounds vs deceleration (engine-braking) and much more aggression given to the down-shift's in many cases.

    Backfires are also very important details and they should not be the same for every car, nor should they always follow the same pattern as I find it really detracts from the immersion if they do. Implementing some random-factors and variation through samples or filters may be effective ways to make such events more convincing and impressive.

    If Kunos is implementing drive-train elasticity into the physics side, that should certainly improve immersion and connection with the car and I think it's an important element in how the audio works with the engine / drivetrain combination. It's something I can actually feel through my motion setup when driving in RaceRoom, where the car lurches back and forth as it hit's the extremes of range in drive-train flex. That's the only title I can think of where that's so effective and it's a fantastic detail to have.

    Most of the external audio in AC works great imo, and I'd say the replay audio even surpasses that of RR in some cases. The overall racing-environment is something I really enjoy in AC. So long as the fly-by and approach vs departure effects are properly implemented, I'd expect ACC replays to sound very good and much like they do in AC. More varied samples would - again, be ideal but, developers have to work within certain boundaries. I'm sure they want to provide the best audio they can in any case.

    Of course, it's very easy for me to make such suggestions but, we also have to recognize that these are all much easier said than done and if they were easy to do, everyone would already be doing them. I do like the way AC's audio evolved throughout the title's progression but, I do believe that there are still things that could be expanded upon or, pushed even further. It seems Kunos are doing just that with ACC so I'm hopeful they can accomplish great things in audio as well.
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  10. marconi

    marconi Gamer

    Some great points there. And i hope they implement them too.
    The external replays and sounds have no interest to me at all. Just want the cockpit sounds to give immersion while in VR. This is where Raceroom fantastically excels. Shame the graphics dont!
  11. Daniel Costa

    Daniel Costa Racer

    R3E is very good on the only two things that really matter when racing, a) true 7.1 positional sound and b) raw immersion.

    AC cars also can sound very good I agree! but the experience is miles behind when comparing them back to back.

    In R3E it almost feels like a binaural3D youtube video, with sounds coming accurately from all 5 speakers. On AC, its like you are listening through your Tv speakers.

    But the real joke in this area is Pcars2, although it has a very very good VR.
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  12. Daniel Costa

    Daniel Costa Racer

    Keep in mind R3E is doing all that with tools that can only be called as ancient. They admitted it in an interview and I just couldn't believe it.
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  13. ShredatorFIN

    ShredatorFIN Alien

    One thing AMS does well with audio is having bunch of shifting sounds, that are randomized. So upshift or downshift doesn't sound the same every time, makes it sound organic and "alive" with a simple trick:

    Audio example, upshifts and downshifts from Porsche GT3 Cup (although unbranded). AMS has imo surprisingly good audio too. Dunno if AC1 uses anything similar but the shifts often sound monotonic somehow..
  14. marconi

    marconi Gamer

    Could not agree more!
  15. Dean Ogurek

    Dean Ogurek Alien

    Yes but, it's also been customized and revised over time so it's not the same old audio-engine.

    PC2 audio is surprisingly lacking imo but, it's also very inconsistent and non-refined in many ways. I don't spend much time in the title but, the audio feels like SMS took some short-cuts in some areas and audio is just one of them.
    Last edited: Aug 1, 2018
  16. Dean Ogurek

    Dean Ogurek Alien

    I like AMS audio, it's not the most dynamic but, what's there works very well.
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  17. ouvert

    ouvert Alien

    Id go with 30:70 (video:audio) when it comes to AV immersion .. if it looks decent enough (lets say AMS level) I stop noticing worse graphics after while .. you just focuse on road and cars anyway .. but sounds can add so much ..
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  18. ShredatorFIN

    ShredatorFIN Alien

    Yeah there is truth to this. In high speed you can't look at scenery anymore, you zone out start looking at apexes... but sound you'll still hear. And car sound is repetitive by nature, how to make it interesting to ear... Shift sounds make a lot imo, it's like in shooter games players shoot their gun (also repetitive), and want to hear a satisfying sound. In car games, that "climax" moment is shifting... shooting a gun or punch a new gear in. If it sounds bad, it's not satisfying

    Of course not all cars sound impressive on gear shifts, but I tend to start liking the ones that do. And overall my fav sim cars are usually the ones that sound best/have best sound mod available to them. If they have some tricky handling trait, I'll just learn it so I can keep listening to that sound
    Last edited: Aug 1, 2018
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  19. Dean Ogurek

    Dean Ogurek Alien

    . . . and drive-train noise is always changing, different gears, different load, changing terrain and bumps, etc. It's an important ingredient in feeling really connected to the car and - even more so, because the game is trying to trick our brain into believing the virtual experience, the more connected we feel to actual mechanical aspects, the more convincing and immersive the experience becomes imo.
  20. ouvert

    ouvert Alien

    sound of shooting gun is perfect example :) .. big part of gun/shooting mechanics .. make it good, raw, mechanical and sudenly you can feel the recoil, inner parts moving, magazine being reload ... same with cars .. have great sounds that clicks well with your inputs, with what you feel and see and fill in what you cant feel and see and you are golden ....

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