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AI difficulty frustrating

Discussion in 'PlayStation 4 Discussions' started by Moosbert, Aug 26, 2016.

  1. Moosbert

    Moosbert Rookie


    I'm playing AC on PS4 and have very mixed feelings. On the positive side the driving physics feel fantastic and the game looks beautiful. But the AI difficulty is extremely frustrating. I have played most other racing sims on console (GT, Forza, Project Cars etc) and I see myself as an average gamer. But even on easy setting it is impossible for me to beat the AI. When I compare the lap times of easy and hard AI it is only 1-2 seconds slower, so there is not much difference.
    I am neither willing to spend money into a racing wheel nor spend hours and hours in losing the same race hoping to win by pure luck. So until there is a patch that adjusts the difficulty, I will stop playing and warn friends not to buy this game.
    With better AI this would be one of the best racing sims on console.
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    TXC_IJOJOI Racer

    Yeah, AI seems a bit strong in the console version. i think they'll fix that soon. :)
  4. depart.ed

    depart.ed Gamer

    Than drive again beginner ai. Sorry but thats bull****. I don't want to win against alien ai, if I'm only a hobby driver. Alien ai has to be the skill of one of the best real world driver.
    So just learn to race or drive only against easy ai.
    Accept that this is a simulation and noch PCars or need for speed

    Gesendet von meinem SM-G925F mit Tapatalk

    TXC_IJOJOI Racer

    Didn't you reat what he wrote?!
    He tried with the "easy" setting.
    But the AI is too fast in the Console Port, numerous Reviews including ISR found that.
    Easy is just 3 seconds slower around Monza per lap than Alien... Go imagine
  6. depart.ed

    depart.ed Gamer

    Than learn to drive. Easy is extreme easy. Only in some events it's buggy like the nurburgring event where you drive the bmw e30 m3 against modern bmw. But most of the events are correct.

    Gesendet von meinem SM-G925F mit Tapatalk

    TXC_IJOJOI Racer

    Easy is Easy on PC, but the Console AI is bugged, don't you get that?!
  8. depart.ed

    depart.ed Gamer

    I drive ac on pc and ps4. And the easy ai is easy. Maybe you have to turn you monitor on :D

    Gesendet von meinem SM-G925F mit Tapatalk
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  9. ALB123

    ALB123 Alien

    You've had Assetto Corsa for ONE DAY and you're crying about not being able to beat the AI?! :rolleyes: And now you refuse to play?! LOL Gran Turismo is ---> That way...
  10. Chazz Ranger

    Chazz Ranger Alien

    Brace yourselves, the "I can't win every race so this game sucks" console gamerz are coming...
  11. Monkey-CH

    Monkey-CH Rookie

    Do you play with steering wheel? If yes, try to beat the AI with a gamepad. If you still think it is to easy, reply here.
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  12. Schnipp

    Schnipp Alien

    Well, I don't know the console version of AC, but still:
    Admittedly it's frustrating to drive against opponents that are out of your league/abilities, but AC isn't a game where you blast through the field to 1st place (or top 3) but more about fighting for each position and get clean races.

    Usually I set the AI so I can get 1st with being a few seconds ahead with a clean race (gap depending on track and no. of laps; way more adjustable AI on pc though). So if I do a few little mistakes or one that's bigger it's a challenge to get a good result.
    Also to overtake an opponent I have to close the gap, hit one or two turns and exits right to get myself in a position that gives me a chance to overtake in the following passage of the track. Although AI can be pretty tough to overtake, even if you are in a good position.
  13. Moosbert

    Moosbert Rookie

    Never said this game would suck. Only the ai sucks. I can compete with other drivers online, so i don't think i'm that bad. And its fun to drive.
    I checked some reviews of the console port and all complain about the frustrating ai. Its a shame they will lose customers because of a bug or bad design.
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  14. Skemekos123

    Skemekos123 Racer

    I dunno man, I play on medium difficulty on ps4, and sometimes the ai is really hard, and sometimes it's really easy. I either come 1st or 3rd - 5th.
    It doesn't bother me too much not coming first all the time.
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  15. Chazz Ranger

    Chazz Ranger Alien

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  16. L2D Godzilla

    L2D Godzilla Racer

    Please go away todays troll, once again: how many top level racing professionals has AC produced thus far? GT is into the double digits just about I think. Don't talk to us about your life long sim experience when you know very little about the real world.

    So when are AC drivers going to receive official skills recognition from the FIA?
  17. ALB123

    ALB123 Alien

    OMG. You're being serious, aren't you? :oops:
  18. L2D Godzilla

    L2D Godzilla Racer

    OMG real world facts are facts my friend. What's not to be serious about, winning multiple professional level races in the real world coming from a console racer is something to laugh at? You think average PC sim racers would easily beat GTA winners in the real world do you? I'm done for today with you trolls, please go back to where you came from and leave us console AC peasants alone to toil in our woes. Good day.
    Last edited: Aug 27, 2016
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  19. ALB123

    ALB123 Alien

    Sounds like an inferiority complex. I've not criticized console players one bit. I've shaken my head at people who are in over their heads and refuse to see it. But, I've also offered some advice and help to calm, rational people who are having some Day One issues as well. My first experience was with Gran Turismo 6. You're right! If only Assetto Corsa could somehow get their physics, tire model and vehicle & track accuracy to the level of GT6 then Assetto Corsa would be one hell of a sim. Until that day, we AC fans will remain jealous. :(
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  20. Chazz Ranger

    Chazz Ranger Alien

    You ARE being serious! Hilarious.
    First of all, real world experience at age 48? Ya, I've got some. Real world autocross and track experience? Ya, I've got some. So slow your roll, son.
    I grew up on racing games/sims in the early '90's and played thousands of hours on GT and Forza while you were likely still dumping in your diapers. I have tons of respect for Gran Turismo and Forza, I have less respect for console gamers because the vast majority of them have proven themselves to be exactly the meme we all laugh at.
    The ONLY reason GT is responsible for producing winning real-life auto racers is because they created GT Academy. ANY other racing game/sim company with enough money could do the same thing and achieve exactly the same results. People who have gone on to be successful in GT Academy (and there haven't been that many) did so because they were already good drivers/racers in real life, NOT because they were sh!t-hot at Gran Turismo. Any racing game/sim played enough can help you become a better real-life racer to varying degrees (even if it's only learning the tracks), and it's logical to assume the more realistic the game/sim, the better the learning transfer can be. Therefore it's logical to assume a sim like AC can make you a better real-life auto racer than a console arcade racer.
    So anyway... AC on consoles has suddenly turned AC's forum community into a war zone, and none of us wants that. Let's just civilly agree that you're wrong, and move on, m'kay?
  21. Archangel22

    Archangel22 Gamer

    The AI is garbage I dont get the difficulty you cannot win they just pull and pull away, I like the driving physics but I also wish the cars can be better responsive for controllers, Im on ps4 also like TC. Its so hard to keep the cars on the track you try to push your car to catchup to the AI but its tough. Thats on the basic cars like the novice career mode, trying the super cars its impossible to even get 1 clean lap the cars drive like the wheels are soaked in butter and oil. they slide off around bends I cannot keep them stable around bends and they spin out alot its brutal doing those career modes, super cars in most games are the best for everything and you dominate in races with them, not so much on this they seem like dont even bother racing them unless your a pro race car driver with a wheel not a controller

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