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Thanks, Kunos

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by romandevision, Jul 1, 2019.

  1. sissydriver

    sissydriver Alien

    beautiful stories are important in these times. such love stories are great - a lot of joy adam :)
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  2. Thanks, you have the same! :)
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  3. I would advice to test ACC without a LUT file with your new wheel for a couple of hours. After that you can try the LUT. So you have the possibility for a comparison.
  4. Nebulozny

    Nebulozny Racer

    I'm in similar boat as you...played everything that had wheels until I stumbled upon GTR2. The moment I turned the engine on in the Lister Storm GT3 car I was hooked in seriously, that was like wtf is this moment. First time I started using MoTec to analyze my laps and telemetry...I had hundreds of hours driving on Spa which to date is my favorite track.

    The sound of ACC sort of had me in similar way as GTR2, simply wow! And being simulation of just GT3 series is also kind of bringing back good times memories. Then I started reading and watching Aris explaining the work behind the scenes and it's amazing how much modelling and attention to details is there.
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  5. Radfahrer

    Radfahrer Hardcore Simmer

    "Why do I love ACC ?"
    I only need 2 words :

    It´s pr0n .
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  6. Sofa

    Sofa Gamer

    Its humble roots? Ha! When I think about its roots, I have to go way back to the late seventies, to a game called 'Pole Position', you could only play it in game halls. It was basically a plywood box that you sat in, a wheel without any resistance or feel, and the road was no more than two stripes on the vague CRT-screen. And guess what? It was my favorite game! It also was the time when the first 'home computers' were coming on sale, like the Atari 600xl and 800xl, they had resp. 16 and 64 kb memory. No, not megabytes or gigabytes, but 'kilobytes'. I bought the 16kb version, because the 64kb was too expensive. :D

    And look what I play now, a sim like ACC with my ultrawide screen, FFB-wheel and PC with hundreds of gigabytes, in the comfort of my own home, I even play 'live' against other enthusiast racers across the world, because, don't forget, when I played Pole Position, the internet didn't exist yet either... Talk about humble beginnings...

    Amazing really how things have changed in a -relatively- short period of time. o_O:)
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  7. Thank you very much for the suggestion, will take it :) Btw, i am amazed how much i can do with more speed with better wheels and pedals. I guess old wheel just couldn't handle the input/output of data. I always wondered how you alien guys get into some turns with so much speed. When i did that ( i even compared racing lines and turn of the wheel ) my car just understeer like crazy and gets me into sand/wall/camera crew...so, basically, i MUST go with lower sped to take the same racing line as you guys.

    I am still getting used to the input i get through the wheel, driving on the edge is much much easier than without FFB. I did better for 2 tenths last night at Silverstone AM SRO quali, but still 2 secs from best time. I guess it will take few days to get into it completely.
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  8. That is true, so many details, and effort is put into these cars. I like that it is only GT3/4 because they have enough time to get into every car and max it out in a sim. Also, i am glad it is gaining traction in sim racing world, big thing, having all those RL drivers in it, such a treat :)
  9. Well, i started existing in late seventies :D My first computer was ZX Spectrum, in '88, '89 maybe. I meant real racing sim that i first played, since F1GP had setups, etc. In my country, we didn't have game halls until late eighties, and it was mostly invaders and i think projext x, or something with similar name, forgot :D I played before Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge and Vrooom on Amiga, but first "sim" was F1GP 2 :)

    And yeah, time flies, isn't it? :D
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  10. You could try braking a little earlier and turning earlier but less, maybe you can accelerate a bit earlier aswell
    Or maybe not and I'm talking nonsense :D:p
  11. GCCRacer

    GCCRacer Simracer

    Yep, 110% agree, I think that this, initially one of the most controversial decisions, really worked out in favor of this sim.

    With AC1 I was hardly interested in GT3, and initially thought to ignore ACC for the subject matter it delivered. Boy, am I glad I tried it eventually. Not just the focus on a specific type of cars, but also on a real life racing series with all the minor details added. And it turns out there's a reason GT3 is so popular - wide variety of race weekend types from Sprint to 24h, large fields, not trying to kill you every turn and yet difficult to master. Beautiful to look at too, distinct shapes and layouts of engine, cockpit, aero.

    But I think above all what makes ACC so lovable are the people at Kunos, and the way they still manage to somehow be a part of the community despite all the time spent coding and working. Be it Stefano in his blunt, but always honest discussions across different boards, or Aris with his excellent blogs and videos. Or Panky, Minolin and the others sharing information here and actively adding to the discussions. This is a level of "customer in the loop" feeling I haven't really seen anywhere else before, with no game, besides maybe Witcher 3 and CDPR.
  12. Could you tell me how to enable the lut file in ACC. I only managed it in AC.
  13. I made it work with good G29 setup, today i got my first 1:47:3 at Monza...twice :) Very close to that 46s :D

  14. That's all good points :) Glad you tried it as well :p
  15. ff_post_process.ini from acc put into config folder, same for MyLUT file. Do as it said for AC in ini file, it should work.

    Btw, it didn't helped me. It got weird, so i turned it off.

    If you have G29, put gain on 80%, Minimum Force 10%, dynamic damping 75%, road effects 10%. Worked like a charm with it.

    I've also enabled centering spring on 50% in logitech wheel settings.

    Hope it helps.
  16. Damn, it really worked for you lol
  17. Kinda is, definitely. Same setup, it just took me few days to setup the wheel correctly :) I got, so far, 0.6 secs faster, basically on optimum servers, i could barely get 47:9. Now i can see why i couldn't go faster, old wheel just doesn't have enough precision for it.
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  18. Thanks a mil. I always would spin out when the wheel is straight in the corners and acceleration zones. I thought I was just bad, but it turns out the wheel deadzone was to blame. This kept happening both in AC and ACC. Now I can finally have some consistency and also my speed went up by at least a second. Beer's on me.
  19. No worries man, glad to be of help :) Get those times down, and enjoy! :D
  20. fsuarez79

    fsuarez79 Simracer

    Due to some neuropathy issues I barely touched my rig the last 6 months but I'm slowly getting back to ACC now.
    Even though I had minimal complaints back then, after a few sessions I can tell they have kept addressing issues and making this sim even better than I remember it, so a big THANK YOU to you Kunos.
    As someone who is 100% single player, AI is a key aspect for me and I'm really satisfied with the progress here, as in other aspects as well.
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