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Triple Screen Discussion

Discussion in 'ACC Hardware Discussions' started by AT_RubberDuck, Sep 12, 2018.

  1. Guidofoc

    Guidofoc Alien

    McLaren have an esports contest taking place on the 27 this month using a new car from the 1.1 release so.. plus they are showing the 6 new cars one per day and we're already at the third one.. Very likely release date is in less than a week, could be mid next week.
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  2. pro_nike

    pro_nike Gamer

    [QUOTE = "Guidofoc, post: 1094514, member: 2988"] McLaren tiene un concurso de esports que tiene lugar el 27 de este mes usando un auto nuevo de la versión 1.1, así que ... además, muestran los 6 autos nuevos uno por día y ya estamos en el tercero. Es muy probable que la fecha de lanzamiento sea en menos de una semana, podría ser a mediados de la próxima semana. [/ QUOTE]
  3. pro_nike

    pro_nike Gamer

    [QUOTE = "Coanda, post: 1094420, miembro: 127165"] [USER = 211250] @pro_nike [/ USER] - gracias por la información. ¿Qué FPS obtienes en ACC con 20 oponentes? [/ QUOTE]

    ACC I don't currently have it ...
    I bought it when it went on sale ... but soon I had to format the computer and I no longer downloaded it ..
    In competitions where I am involved, they do not leave me much time, and since I was not compatible with three screens, I lost interest.

    but seeing this news, I am again with the "stiff ears", wishing that v 1.1: D
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  4. johndough247

    johndough247 Rookie

    I have noticed the same thing as well, wasn't sure if my brain was playing tricks on me...but yes, 60FPS on a 144Hz monitor doesn't feel the same (seems not as smooth) as it does on a native 60Hz monitor...but it's still fairly smooth though. Definitely no debate on 60FPS on 60Hz vs. 144FPS on 144Hz monitor though :D
  5. Coanda

    Coanda Alien

    I disagree with that..
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  6. ilFreddo76

    ilFreddo76 Rookie

    First time I hear something like that. Totally disagree.
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  7. sissydriver

    sissydriver Alien

    Placebo can be strong :confused:
  8. jesker

    jesker Rookie

    i think it's related to screen tearing:
    on some 60Hz monitor 59 fps or less seems choppy to me and 61fps or more produces many cut in the image (and experience remind me of micro-stuttering), on other monitors 45-55 fps on a 60Hz works smooth enough to play.
    i don't know if it's only a placebo effect or not, but in some situation i need vsync because of that feeling.
  9. Whitestar

    Whitestar Hardcore Simmer

    Can I just quickly ask: what solution do you guys use for switching between surround mode and 3 separate screens in Windows? (Assuming you play other games (than sims) on just one of the screens.)
    I tried Helios Display Management, but it just takes too long to switch between the two modes.

    For now I'm using two macros, one for enabling surround mode and one for disabling it. So now it takes around 10 seconds. It's the best solution I have found so far but I would like to hear if anyone here has a smart solution.
  10. tlsmikey

    tlsmikey Racer

    Most of the time I leave it in triple screen mode and the FPS or other games i play black out those screens for you. I uses NVIDIA surround to adjust the angle in Automobilista if that's what your asking, but reverting back is simply just opening up nvidia control panel and selecting the standard resolution. 5760x1080. I don't think i really ever switch between 5760 and 1080 unless i'm running VR, in which case I change the resolution and physically unplug the screens at the back of the GPU.
  11. Barrosini

    Barrosini Rookie

    Hello, all,

    I would be very interested in knowing the performance values of people running triples (5760x1080), their graphical settings and their hardware.

    Example: (xxx) A.I cars, thunderstorm, night: (xxx) Fps - (only triples with 5760x1080!)

    How many frames do you get with a 1080ti on triples ?
    How many frames do you get with a 2080 Super on triples?
    How many frames do you get with a 2080ti on triples?
    How many frames do you get with a (xxxx) on triples?

    Each ones opinion, please;

    What do you think about ACC performance and could it be more optimized for higher fps or is there a workaround to performance increase?
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  12. Mate you should also ask for the CPU. ;)
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  13. Gevatter

    Gevatter Alien

    I locked my frames to 60 because I need to use vsync on my cheap monitors against jittering and locking helps with input lag. So when I say 60+ it may very well be more but I haven't tested. The only value I know for sure above 60 is the first one.
    Oh an it's 5870x1080 for me because of bezel correction.

    Alone in any condition: ~70-90
    Day, dry, max AI: ~50 at the start, 60+ after half a lap
    Day, med Rain, max AI: ~45 at the start, 60+ after half a lap
    Night, dry, max AI: ~50 at the start, 60+ after half a lap
    Night, med Rain, max AI: ~45 at the start, 60+ after half a lap

    I run epic settings except shadows (high), foliage (low) and mirrors (off or low) with Temporal AA and sharpening, without the Panini correction.
    Shadows on epic will kill my FPS in low sun situations, foliage detail when there are lots of trees around and mirrors need a stronger CPU, no matter the detail or distance I set.
    I can tell you that on my hardware (see below) it makes no difference in a race if I turn graphics down to low, I'm well and truly CPU throttled.
    There are a few spots on a few tracks where fps dips a bit, like on the start/finish straight on the Nürburgring or after the pit exit at Spa.
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  14. johndough247

    johndough247 Rookie

    please note that line guys...no need to tear me a new one, I wasn’t sure...I misinterpreted what he was saying, I thought he was implying that’s what he noticed as well.

    For the past 2 months I’ve been playing everything at 144Hz (141 FPS) so I got used to that speed as my new “normal” for smooth motion, so much so that when I went back to play something at 60 FPS it felt slower (yes obviously it is indeed slower!), but slower than I remembered...thus my statement. Fully aware of what a placebo effect is.

    I’ve experienced this on 60Hz monitors as well; that’s not placebo. The solution I found online before going G-Sync, was to limit FPS to 59.992 using RivaTuner and turn on V-sync. This would give you the benefits of V-sync but with minimal input lag.
  15. pro_nike

    pro_nike Gamer

    I have a millimeter eye.
    I do notice when I go from 144 hertz to 60 even at the same time.

    The only thing that I have activated in the control panel is the triple buffer, (everything else by default) and in Assetto Corsa the screen resolution (7810x1440 / 144hz) and vertical synchronization.

    My monitors are freesync2, and synchronize well with Nvidia gsync.

    Surely this simple configuration can be improved.
  16. Guido Trampe

    Guido Trampe Simracer

    I guess this will be more valuable after the update when we get true tripple support (assumption). After this is implemented, I will also add my values
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  17. Felge Schneider

    Felge Schneider Simracer

    Shouldn't VSync be deactivated when using Adaptive Sync?
  18. johndough247

    johndough247 Rookie

    From what I read on blur busters forum (and I believe someone from Nvidia confirmed it there as well), they said the best way to get practically no lag with 144Hz G-sync (Do all of the following):

    1. Limit FPS to 141 or 142 FPS depending on monitor. Limit in-game if possible, otherwise use RTSS or Nvidia Inspector.
    2. Set V-sync to “Force On” in Nvidia Inspector.
    3. Set V-sync to OFF in the game’s video settings.
  19. pro_nike

    pro_nike Gamer

    thank you

    I read in some forum that you have to put the limit of 3 Hz below the top of the monitor, in my case I would have to limit it in the game (AC) in 141hz, in fact it is what I still have to do.

    in my case :
    Nvidia: gsync activatedt,triplebuffer.
    In game: now I will limit it to 141, vsync activaded.

    with Nvidia inspector I was perfect with 1 monitor (60hz), 61'8 in Nvidia inspector.
    but with 3 monitors I am not doing very well.
  20. Barrosini

    Barrosini Rookie

    The people with 2080ti´s; do you, on any instance, drop below 60 fps with a particular A.I amount and weather setting? Can you run the game on EPIC settings with the most amount of A.I and with thunderstorm and stay above 60fps or there are drops below 60fps?
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