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Generic Weekly Hotlap Challenge 202 – Raging Bull II – Have you improved?

Discussion in 'Console Lounge' started by Totall Wrytoff, Nov 14, 2020.

  1. Welcome to the Weekly Hotlap Challenge 202 – Raging Bull II – Have you improved?
    Assetto Corsa Hotlap and Assetto Corsa Competizione Hotstint challenges.

    Assetto Corsa Challenge: Hotlap
    Car: Lamborghini Gallardo SL
    Track: Red Bull Ring GP
    **AMBIENT TEMP at 26C**
    How much have we improved since starting WHCs?

    WHC 202 is a rerun of Graveltrap’s WHC 15, posted on 16th Jan 2017. It was my first WHC and I believe @laughing Gravy’s first too.
    WHC 15 had a whopping 48 entries which will help to fluff out the leader board. This week we’re going again, to compare our times and see if we are better. Here’s how it finished, just under four years ago:
    1. 1:36.236 - andy-riches - PC
    2. 1:36.610 - V8_KB - PC
    3. 1:36.868 - Turbocharl - PS4
    4. 1:36.998- OriginalR6kid - X1
    5. 1:37.141 - Graveltrap - PS4
    6. 1:37.148 - Neawoulf - PC
    7. 1:37.319 - svenvangent - PS4
    8. 1:37.362 - iwanchek - PS4
    9. 1:37.448 - Tomcul - PC
    10. 1:37.577 - Julian2711 - PS4
    11. 1:37.599 - HavanaBOB - X1
    12. 1:37.722 - Fab85 - PC
    13. 1:37.856 - MartyBook PS4
    14. 1:37.880 - MBK72 - PC
    15. 1:38.210 - murfo - PS4
    16. 1:38.292 - eSEA One - PC
    17. 1:38.345 - Martijn Joon - PC
    18. 1:38.565 - local_man1234 - PS4
    19. 1:38.814 - Tonydoc10 - X1
    20. 1:38.896 - Lewisxbone - X1
    21. 1:39.023 - Fernando007 - PS4
    22. 1:39.029 - boabmatic - X1
    23. 1:39.104- ElPueblo - PC
    24. 1:39.182 - MakaveliA7X - X1
    25. 1:39.298- Grijo - PS4
    26. 1:39.326 - Pretend racer - PS4
    27. 1:39.429 - Kembro - PS4
    28. 1:39.531- Hermanlol - PS4
    29. 1:39.540 - Arthur-94 - X1
    30. 1:39.542 - ZapZap8 - X1
    31. 1:39.816 - DonZmeuheu - PS4
    32. 1:39.831 - Guillaume C - PS4
    33. 1:39.848 - pHA1988 - PS4
    34. 1:39.927 - gokuhontoba - X1
    35. 1:39.932 - OctoberDusk06 - X1
    36. 1:39.934 -BrainsBush - PS4
    37. 1:39.968 - BobTheDog - X1
    38. 1:40.295 - fox1971 - PS4
    39. 1:40.485 - AndyB16 - X1
    40. 1:40.788 - Totall Wrytoff - PS4
    40. 1:40.811 - SerViBatyi - PS4
    41. 1:41.000 - JIJDAN - X1
    42. 1:41.113 - Darienrobbo - PS4
    43. 1:41.493 - Laughing Gravy - PS4
    44. 1:41.804- Larryf1951 - PS4
    45. 1:41.857 - J3r0m - X1
    46. 1:42.415 - JMR1985 - X1
    47. 1:42.538 - Straight6lover - X1
    48. 1:42.694 - paul_wev - PS4

    Seven of our “current” players took part. In theory we’ve now had a lot more practice, so we should be better…. How do newer players compare? Is Andy Riches’ WR safe?

    Please note Ambient Temp is back to 26DegC this week for fair comparison

    Stats, Tyres and Times:
    Recommended Semi Slick tyre pressures 33 psi all round
    Fastest lap: Andy Riches’ 1:36.236 set at 26C in WHC 15, still stands! For now.

    Assetto Corsa Competizione Challenge: 15 mins Hotstint
    Car: AMR V8 Vantage GT3
    Track: Kyalami
    Time: 07:00
    Weather: Clear
    The latest Aston, with four less cylinders! Very eco. But it looks fantastic and also as if it should have at least 850bhp.
    Kyalami means “my home” in Zulu. The track is located in the Gauteng province, near to Jo’berg and Praetoria. At sunset this Saturday evening, it is a balmy 26 degrees C.

    Please see competitor, weather and track conditions in How To Take Part below.

    Tyres and steering lock:
    Recommended tyre pressure should be around 27 psi.
    AMR V8 Vantage GT3 – Steering Lock – 640°

    How to take part:
    *Assetto Corsa Challenge*
    To enter the Assetto Corsa Challenge, select Hotlap, choose the Lamborghini Gallardo SL and the Red Bull Ring GP circuit.
    Please setup the session as follows:
    Mode: Hotlap
    Setup: Ambient Temp: 26 DegC
    Time of day: Free / Controller: Free / Assists: Free / Stability: Free.

    *Assetto Corsa Competizione Challenge*
    In Single Player:
    · Choose the AMR V8 Vantage GT3
    · Challenge: Select HotStint
    · Duration: 15 mins x 1
    · Time: Select 07:00
    · Select the Kyalami circuit
    · Weather - select CLEAR
    · Disable DYNAMIC
    · Disable RANDOM
    · Track Grip: Select FAST
    · Wetness/ Standing water at: 0%
    The screen shot required to enter your time is in Timetables at the end of the session.
    Realism and Assist Settings are up to you. Ideally, please use PRO

    For ease of admin, please use the following format to post your times to be included on the leader boards:
    For Hotstint and Quick Race, please show the number of laps and total time

    Improvement (Only required if you have already posted a time)
    Challenge – AC or AC Bonus or ACC
    Your name (as you would like it to appear on the leaderboard)
    Your time - shown as x.xx.xxx. (This week it is your fastest lap)
    Number of Laps - For ACC Hotstint and/or Quick Race
    Your platform (PC Xb1 PS4)
    The screen shot showing your time.
    (Optional but in the spirit) Your thoughts or any comment
    Please post video clips and share information here as well.

    You can run as many laps as you can manage and update your times as often as you like. It is all about taking part, pushing yourself and enjoying Assetto Corsa and Competizione. All Platforms are welcome. To submit a time, pause the game and select 'session' from the menu and screenshot this page or take a photo of your screen and post it in this thread - Note all the information from the screen is required including temperature, mode heading (Hotlap) and of course the car being used!

    Deadline: Sunday 22nd November 2020
    Chequered Flag will drop shortly before 6pm.

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  3. AC
    Totall Wrytoff
    I've gone faster than my Jan '17 time just getting the tyre pressures in.
    I seem to remember, in those first days of AC, I was still using bumper view (Gran Turismo 6 habit) and in set-up I thought the tyre pressure values were psi....
    Target is a top 15 position!:)
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  4. moodyryder

    moodyryder Hardcore Simmer

    Off topic but I know people here can be trusted.

    First of all please excuse my ignorance but I am a technological caveman.

    I very much enjoy ACC on ps4 but it's glaringly obvious of its limitations.

    New consoles are out and all opinions show that ACC is running far better on them than on previous generation machines.

    As it should of course.

    However, it's still the same software. Twenty cars maximum and, critically, no FOV adjustment.

    Will there be specific next gen upgrades? Maybe. Maybe not.

    All sense says pc for me. I appreciate other folks situations are different and the new consoles are exactly what suits them. Horses for courses.

    I've had a brief look online at prices and specs. Bare in mind I'm only bothered about ACC and AC original. Not interested in VR or multi screens or any of the upmarket toys.

    On PC World website there's a gaming pc for £550 with the following specification:

    • AMD Ryzen 3 3200G Processor
    • RAM: 8 GB / Storage: 1 TB HDD & 256 GB SSD
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 4 GB

    Is that good enough?
    Would it connect to a Bravia TV through HDMI port?

    If it would then in the new year I'll be going that way. Never thought I'd see the day.

    If it's no good then I'll be staying put. ACC plays nicely on my boggo ps4.
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  5. BIG NEWS @moodyryder !:D

    Are you sure you have included all of the relevant specifications?:eek:;)
    Looking forward with interest to hear what the PC experts think!
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  6. GoodGame.eXistenZ

    GoodGame.eXistenZ Hardcore Simmer




    @moodyryder Just my five cents, do not go for 4GB RAM in a graphics card these days...just don't : ) The rest should work (even though I do not think it would handle ACC nicely. 16 GB of ram is the way to go. For a video card you could opt for a AMD 5700 or Nvidia 1660
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  7. AC
    Totall Wrytoff
    Early days, but I'm 1.5 secs up already, which would have put me above @Pretend racer !
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  8. Peggy11

    Peggy11 Hardcore Simmer


    Gallardo Hotlap.png

    Thought I'd have a go at the AC challenge this week as well, as numbers seem to be dwindling all round at the moment.

    It's just a shame I didn't enter the original challenge (on my PS4 it would have been at that time) to have a time comparison :(
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2020
  9. Peggy11

    Peggy11 Hardcore Simmer

    9 Laps

    AMR V8 Hotstint.png

    Hideously slow first attempt at this once I had got the tyre pressures and fuel sorted.

    It took me around 20mins just to get a seat position I was comfortable with :rolleyes:

    I'm pretty sure I managed to miss every single apex throughout the entire stint. I haven't turned many laps here, I think when we used it on the WHC previously was most probably the last time I drove here.

    I have much to learn this week :confused:
  10. Peggy11

    Peggy11 Hardcore Simmer

    9 Laps

    AMR V8 Hotstint.png

    Little bit faster :p
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  11. AC
    Totall Wrytoff
    2.4 secs faster than I was in 2017.
  12. sissydriver

    sissydriver Alien

    @moodyryder - this gaming pc is to weak for ACC. Dont buy it.

    If you can wait a little bit longer - new graphics cards and processors are coming on the market right now. So it might be worthwhile to have a little more patience.
    Otherwise, as already mentioned by @GoodGame.eXistenZ - graphics card - the one with 4GB will cause you many problems, the textures are too big.

    You should aim for the performance of a 2070 Super.
    You do not want to buy a new one in two years.
    ACC needs fast RAM - please pay attention to that (3200 should be it).
    16GB are minimum, 8GB you will regret.

    My recommendation
    Ryzen 7 3700
    RTX 2070 Super
    >= 16GB DDR4-3200

    I bought something like this in February, but of course it is not available for 550....
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  13. moodyryder

    moodyryder Hardcore Simmer

    Thank you Gentlemen for your replies.

    This is why I asked. It's already far too complicated.

    I dont take "sim racing" at all seriously enough to justify more than that £550.

    I'd just end up wasting money on something that wouldn't work.

    And get very frustrated at having to download this driver and configure this and calibrate that.

    No. Decision made. I'll stay with the ps4.

    It's good enough for a caveman.
  14. Chaos_Chris

    Chaos_Chris Hardcore Simmer

    After a long break playing warzone one I noticed they added kb support to Xbox, I finally rebuilt my rig as I have a spare 47 inch tv that needed somewhere to live. So with a new series x easily moveable between desk and rig ( no more huge brick to re wire ) I had a go at finishing off the single player game today and loved it.

    So I will be back participating in this excellent group this week.

    So question for the lobby . Is acc worth getting? I imagine it will look great on the new console but I hear the cars handle more like project cars, which I found very difficult to control.

    Also do you set different field of view for different cars? Or is there a standard setting you go with .Starting playing about with this and knocked a second off my lap time..

    Good to be back.

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. F1415182235

    F1415182235 Hardcore Simmer

    1:36.882 - X1
    Strange handling, which reminds me of the Sesto and Aventador. Maybe a lambo thing.
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  16. HandyAndy1962

    HandyAndy1962 Hardcore Simmer

    9 Laps

    Attached Files:

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  17. moodyryder

    moodyryder Hardcore Simmer


    It depends on the wheel you have. For Logitech G29 it's great. I used to have a Thrustmaster T150 and that worked fine too.

    Fanatec wheels have had problems. T300RS have major problems too.

    Check with fellow xb series X players on your wheel's suitability. Don't take it as read that because it worked fine on AC1 it will be ok here.

    TinPeach has stated on this forum that the game runs beautifully on Xbox Series X. It's not too hot on standard xb1 apparently.

    There's no FOV adjustment in the console versions. You can only chose between different views. (On board, dash, bonnet, bumper, drivers helmet cam. None are adjustable in themselves)

    I can only offer my own opinion. I think it's superb.
    I even considered upgrading to pc because of it, to get even more from it. The console version is good enough though. I won't justify the pc prices.

    It doesn't play like Project Cars. The cars are all different so one might not suit you but there will be several that do.

    So to actually answer the question. Is it worth getting?


    Last edited: Nov 16, 2020
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  18. HandyAndy1962

    HandyAndy1962 Hardcore Simmer

    9 Laps

    Attached Files:

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  19. HandyAndy1962

    HandyAndy1962 Hardcore Simmer

    9 Laps

    I don't know if it's me or if it's the car but I seem to have been able to be a lot more consistent with my laps over the last 2 or 3 stints that I've attempted.

    Attached Files:

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  20. Laughing Gravy

    Laughing Gravy Hardcore Simmer

    Laughing Gravy
    1.40.259 PS4[​IMG]

    Sent from my SM-G970U using Tapatalk
  21. Laughing Gravy

    Laughing Gravy Hardcore Simmer

    Laughing Gravy
    9 Laps
    PS4 [​IMG]

    Sent from my SM-G970U using Tapatalk

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