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Generic Weekly Hotlap Challenge #241

Discussion in 'Console Lounge' started by Pretend racer, Sep 4, 2021.

  1. Pretend racer

    Pretend racer Hardcore Simmer

    The Challenge: Hotlap
    Car: Lotus Exige roadster
    Track: Red Bull Ring National



    This is a fun little car on a fun little track. I got some new sim racing gear and I wanted to concentrate on trail braking and throttle control. I think this is the perfect combo for that.

    RSR WR 58.164
    Not a very popular combo with only 11 people registering times on RSR...

    Ideal PSI for Semi Slicks
    30 Front
    32 Rear

    How to take part -
    Hot lap: To enter, select Drive > Hotlap, choose the correct car and circuit.

    Please setup the session using the settings below:

    Mode: Hotlap
    Track: Zandvoort
    Time of day: Free Ambient
    Temp: Free
    Setup: Free
    Controller: Free
    Assists: Factory
    Stability: Free
    Deadline: Sunday Sept. 12th 2021 I usually post the results around 10pm MST.

    You can run as many laps as you like and update your times as often as you like, it’s simple All Platforms are welcome, it is all about having fun and enjoying Assetto Corsa.

    To submit a time, pause the game and select 'session' from the menu and screenshot this page or take a photo of your screen and post it in this thread - Note all the information from the screen is required including temperature, mode heading and of course the car being used! Please post video clips and share information in here as well, but without the session screen your time will not be included (placing the session screen in a video clip is acceptable).

    Please use the following format to post your times:
    Your time, to be shown as x.xx.xxx.
    Your platform (PC Xb1 PS4) The image or screen shot showing your time.
    Your thoughts and comment

    Please mark updated times with Improvement.

    Unfortunately editing of posts gets locked on this forum so this post cannot be updated.



    Season 2020
    1. Car: Mercedes AMG GT3 2020 EVO
    2. Challenge type: Hotstint 10 mins for a single fastest lap
    3. Time of day: 09:00
    4. Track: Brands Hatch
    5. Weather type eg: Light Rain
    6. Dynamic Weather: Disabled
    7. Cloud: n/a
    8. Ave Temp: n/a
    9. Grip level: Optimum
    10. Wetness: n/a
    Last edited: Sep 4, 2021

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  3. Rod100

    Rod100 Hardcore Simmer


    Quick session with standard setup and tanks at 3/4 full. The car is fun to drive, lots of coasting through the corners.

    PC parts have been ordered. Hard decision on the video card, given the current prices... I went for the Radeon 6600xt, I think it was a reasonable cost to the performance it delivers.[​IMG]

    Sent from my ASUS_Z012DC using Tapatalk
  4. Rod100

    Rod100 Hardcore Simmer


    Lowered fuel, adjusted tire pressures, camber changed to full negative and reduced front toe in.[​IMG]

    Sent from my ASUS_Z012DC using Tapatalk
  5. GoodGame.eXistenZ

    GoodGame.eXistenZ Hardcore Simmer


  6. Pretend racer

    Pretend racer Hardcore Simmer

    pretend racer

    Still trying to tweak the ergonomics of the whole rig, let alone all the wheel settings themselves. I haven't tried any different pedal configurations yet or tried tweaking the pedals software yet either. This is gonna take quite a bit more time to get it all perfect than I thought lol.

    I managed to set a laptime just slightly slower with my f1 wheel the other day. Today was the first day I tried out my round wheel. So many options now, its kinda crazy.
  7. LOL!! That was my first thought too!:D
    But in fact it should be required driving, it is a great exercise in deftness.
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  8. AC
    Totall Wrytoff
    I followed @Rod100 's two session programme and set-up to the letter!:)
  9. SlowGrayAudi

    SlowGrayAudi Hardcore Simmer

    Light rain!!!! Excited to try this. MB Evo is new to me i believe as well. Great challenge
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  10. SlowGrayAudi

    SlowGrayAudi Hardcore Simmer

    Might have been a mistake!

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  11. Rod100

    Rod100 Hardcore Simmer

    @SlowGrayAudi , thanks for info, unfortunately I was unaware of that difference... however, considering that comparable geforces here in my country are about 30 to 40% more expensive, I don't think it was too bad. Not to mention that anything imported here is way more expensive than in U.S. or Europe, 850 USD for the 6600xt, that gives you an idea... while a 3060ti is equivalent to about 1100 USD.

    My goal for now is to achieve no less than 60fps at 1080 resolution, I think the 6600xt can handle that.

    Sent from my ASUS_Z012DC using Tapatalk
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  12. SlowGrayAudi

    SlowGrayAudi Hardcore Simmer

    Thats a terrible markup! I got my 3070 suprim x for $900 so i cant talk much. I stood outside microcenter in -5 degree weather for an hour and got lucky. They had 13 cards and i was like #12 in line.

    Where are you located?
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  13. Rod100

    Rod100 Hardcore Simmer

    In Brazil, land of cheap labor, high taxes, and expensive stuff.

    Sent from my ASUS_Z012DC using Tapatalk
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  14. TinPeach

    TinPeach Hardcore Simmer

    I’m still in two minds about taking the PC route.

    I don’t really want the extra fiddling PC’s inevitably bring, it’s enough of a pain working and updating my laptop. But, the mods available on AC make it hugely tempting - some really superlative stuff out there.

    To cloud the situation further, Kunos announced an actual XSX/PS5 version of ACC is in development (and a free upgrade) - for release in Feb. From the preview, it seems to include all the bells and whistles from the PC version this time - so may wait to see how this turns out - combined with the severe shortage of PC parts (which will probably get worse as the automotive’s put pressure on manufacturing/supply chains to solve their semi-conductor issues).
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  15. mike reynolds

    mike reynolds Hardcore Simmer

    @TinPeach Spending 50% of your allotted gaming time performing windows upgrades, undoing windows upgrades, fiddling with in game graphic settings, fiddling with graphic card settings, installing graphic card updates, undoing graphic cards updates, performing FPS benchmarking, trialing full screen V windowed mode V 1080p V 1444 V 4K, worrying whether your CPU or GPU is bottlenecking your FPS and thinking about which one to upgrade first, trialing Freesync V Gsync and editing .ini files is half the fun of sim racing on PC!
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  16. TinPeach

    TinPeach Hardcore Simmer

    Well, when you put it like that, I’m not sure what I was ever worried about??
  17. SlowGrayAudi

    SlowGrayAudi Hardcore Simmer

    You can always move to America. Where its just expensive but things seem to balance out decently.
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  18. SlowGrayAudi

    SlowGrayAudi Hardcore Simmer

    I havent touched any settings on my pc in months. Once you get it setup its pretty easy and quick. With steam and the fps overlay its easy yo tell how well it runs once you're in game.

    Dont get discouraged. Pcs aren't difficult
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  19. SlowGrayAudi

    SlowGrayAudi Hardcore Simmer

    7 laps

    Super lost on this setup. I went with a dry setup on wets, but its not nice to drive. Will definitely have to do lots of experimenting.

    edit: After some changes its better to drive, but still not great.

    I tried on slicks and thats a no go for sure. Wets are the correct tire to be on.

    Last edited: Sep 10, 2021
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  20. mike reynolds

    mike reynolds Hardcore Simmer

    glad you said that, I had quick practice couple of laps when picking the challenge, on standard Safe set up and was surprised how tricky it was on slicks, which are normally just about OK in light rain conditions. Busy week at work this week though so not been back for a proper run yet.
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  21. TinPeach

    TinPeach Hardcore Simmer

    Yeah, same here.

    Just had a quick spin, literally, using slicks. I’ll swap to wets and have another run see what’s what.
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