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Where are AC lap records and videos stored?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by Bob Peirce, Oct 19, 2020.

  1. Bob Peirce

    Bob Peirce Racer

    I had to totally re-install everything and when I open AC I don't have the lap records or videos I had accumulated. I thought this stuff was in my home directory but it must be somewhere else. I have backups if you can tell me where to look.

    Before restoring I specifically saved my home directory. I already had plug-ins, cars and tracks saved. Should I have saved something from the AC directory? If so, I will make a note.

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  3. Bob Peirce

    Bob Peirce Racer

    I'm also missing car setups. Are they in the same location?
  4. Bob Peirce

    Bob Peirce Racer

    I see from another thread that all this stuff really should be in my home directory, which I thought I restored from backup. Perhaps older data cannot over-write newer data or something else may have happened. I will try it again.
  5. Bob Peirce

    Bob Peirce Racer

    No joy there. I deleted each directory in my home directory and replaced it with the directory from the backup. There were several I could not delete because they were in use but the key directory seems to be Documents, which includes an Asseto Corsa sub-directory. I restarted the computer and fired up Assetto Corsa. No setups, lap records or videos. They must be stashed somewhere else. Can, anybody help here?
  6. Bob Peirce

    Bob Peirce Racer

    OK. Further checking says it should be in Documents in my home directory and it all seems to be there but AC isn't seeing it. Any idea why?

    Does AC need to be told where to look or might there be a permission issue?
    Last edited: Oct 19, 2020

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