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Would anyone be interested in an online setup library?

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by OrganDonor, May 8, 2019.

  1. OrganDonor

    OrganDonor Racer

    I've been relatively bored at home in evenings lately (The Division 2 has become a grind) and I've been thinking I could do with doing something useful with my spare time.

    One idea I had the other day was to build an ACC setup library, which would allow people to upload their setup JSON files (or maybe create them manually by dragging sliders and clicking buttons), filter them by car, track, type, whatnot as well as download and rate setups of others. It's not a super simple project but it's also not an overly complicated one so I thought it's something I might do (I'm a web developer by day so not something I need to learn to do).

    What is the situation with such websites? Has anyone already built one or is there nothing like that around yet? Would people be even interested in such a service?

    Ideas and opinions are appreciated!

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  3. doamf

    doamf Racer

    Hi, fyi

  4. Racheengel84

    Racheengel84 Rookie

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  5. Tim Wilson

    Tim Wilson Simracer

    You could do it, and I know some people would use it for fun, but setups for us lazy and ignorant folk are already in the game.

    Too many factors that make a "good" setup- to do with the driver's style and technique, track conditions, race length. It would be filled with setups done by people who don't know how to explain why changes were made, and used by people who don't know how to adjust their style to match the setup or lack the skill to drive the setup. If I make an extremely low drag and tail happy setup that I set a WR with everyone is going to want it, and if someone who's used to default safe setups tries it, without a detailed explanation of how to drive it, that's not going to get him near as far as if he just practiced more and on his own learned how to drive the default "fast" setups to their limit, or if he read a guide on setups and experimented. A detailed set of setup guides specifically per-car for ACC would be way more useful.

    I'd like to see you, or someone, put the default "safe" and "fast" setups for all cars and tracks on spreadsheets so we can easily inspect and compare them. I know I would learn a lot from that.
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