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Driving Technique Discussion

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Karsten Beoulve, Nov 26, 2019.

  1. Karsten Beoulve

    Karsten Beoulve Simracer

    A lot of food things to think about... I haven't been using trailbraking because i followed those videos i was sent that showed that the best way is to brake hard and then slowly release to avoid unsettling the car and was trying to master that :p

    I'll start trying things one by one and see if i can make up something. Do you mind if i'll post some more motec in the future?
  2. n1lyn

    n1lyn Racer

    can't promise I have time to look at all of them, but sure post them. Will be in London for a couple days for F1 esports, so won't have time until after. but i invite everyone to watch us win :)
  3. Nesja

    Nesja Racer

    I did a few more laps that have a bit nicer driving (lines, better gear selection).
    It's really difficult to drive this car fast.

    In the original post you said you are usually 1-1.5 s behind aliens. In that case given this configuration (clear weather, 16:00, optimum track and 62l fuel) I would aim for mid to high 45 times with n1lyn's aggressive setup.
    Don't change setups or anything until you hit those times. You'll get there by focusing on brake points, hitting apex, etc ... So focus on those.

    Here are the improved laps. Still some mistakes here and there, but overall it's decent.
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2019
  4. Jetsun

    Jetsun Rookie

    Amazing thread, thank you guys! Was focusing on farming SA 55 with CC/CN around 70/70, but now I've just started practice some NSX @ Hungaroring, improving CC with stable, great to have a clear direction to follow! oh and registered here and also installed MoTeC :)
  5. n1lyn

    n1lyn Racer

    This should do as the ultimate target. Telemetry and replay file attached. Theres still a bit of room, not much in this setup, though. Everything else from here would need some fine tuning, especially since the rear becomes quite hot when I start pushing - I changed the set a tiny bit more, just to get the balance a little less aimed at laptime, which right away results in more consistency for me

    You've really chosen of the the most technical tracks to evaluate your driving ;) but if you are good here eventually, everything else is easy.


    Attached Files:

    Last edited: Nov 27, 2019
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  6. Karsten Beoulve

    Karsten Beoulve Simracer

    I'm starting to make lots of mistakes, losing CC and CN ratings, i may be trying too hard? Or training too much alltogether?

    Or i'm maybe just dropping in a "hotlap" situation even if i'm making hotstints because i'm still too darn slow and frustrated?

    yesterday i had a one off of 1.47.1 now i barely manage to get into 47s and make lots of mistakes :mad:
  7. n1lyn

    n1lyn Racer

    Just looked at your data again, are you braking with your right foot?


    What you can see (Your graphs are colored, mine are white):
    - You go off throttle at 1708 meter into the lap (that is the braking for the fast left turn 4)
    - I start to brake at 1711 meter (still fully on the throttle, cause the transition is so fast that both pedals actually overlap)
    - I go off throttle at 1713m
    - You start to brake at........ 1724m.

    Thats 13m difference in actual braking point between the two of us. We're traveling at 220kmh there so we do 60m/s roughly. so you brake 0.2s later roughly and during that time, you do nothing. You dont accelerate, you dont brake. Thats lost time right there and you do this in all braking zones.

    Even without your answer I'm convinced you are braking with your right foot. If that is the case, learn to brake with your left foot. This way you can stabilize the car way better because you reaction time is a lot shorter when you need to give a throttle or brake input during a corner. With just the right foot, theres always 0.2s where you would do nothing. And since you only go off throttle, on the brake and never back on the throttle before the turn ends, this takes a lot of possibilities away from you to adjust the cars position and state of over or understeer. You'd have to drive incredibly clean if you only use the right foot that way.
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2019
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  8. Karsten Beoulve

    Karsten Beoulve Simracer

    I actually brake left foot, not sure what is up, honestly,

    it's strange that the braking it's not starting until so late after i go off throtttle... I should take a look at brake calibration?
  9. n1lyn

    n1lyn Racer

    Ok my idea was wrong, but it still got you thinking, so I take the credit :p

    Just look at the red bar on the side of your screen when driving and check if it actually goes red when you start braking. If thats not the case check in windows and if its the same there, you need to do something about the sensor I guess.

    MAYBE: your brake and throttle are calibrated as one axis? so you can only brake or accelerate? but never both?
  10. CrimsonEminence

    CrimsonEminence Simracer

    You probably use combined pedals, check this in driver settings and turn it off ;)
  11. Karsten Beoulve

    Karsten Beoulve Simracer

    I'll check this tomorrow but i'm sure i can use both pedals at the same time since i did use the trick to warm brakes at times... What is giving me to think is that "gap" you found between braking/accelerating... I do not think i have deadzones on since i never changed settings, but it's worth checking... In the thrustmaster software all seems to be working fine, and in acc there's no calibration to be seen but resetting it i think can't hurt.

    BTW for some reasons i got the motec software but sadly it doesn't work properly for me... No track map, datas do not show, etc etc... Annoying since i was thinking of making use of it to try and improve this hopeless situation i'm in :D
  12. n1lyn

    n1lyn Racer

    Motec: did you load the workbook provided by ACC? all games name their channels differently, so you have to have a specificly made workbook to make use of ACC data.
    Pedals: If its also not the combined axis, you will just have to break and go off throttle a lot faster or rather at the same time. There's certainly something to gain at least
  13. Karsten Beoulve

    Karsten Beoulve Simracer

    you mean this part?

    Once you have installed the MoTeC i2 software, run it at least once then close.
    Start Assetto Corsa Competizione and go to any track with any car. Then close ACC.
    Now into your “documents/Assetto Corsa Competizione/MoTeC/Workspaces” you’ll find a folder named “base_ACC”. Copy this folder inside “documents/MoTeC/i2/Workspaces” folder and it will appear through the available workspaces inside the MoTeC i2 software.
    Alternatively you could double click on the file ”base_ACC.i2wsp-archive” and the workspace will auto-install, but on some configurations windows might not recognize how to run this file.
  14. n1lyn

    n1lyn Racer

    Mh yeah. It was very easy for me to run motec and also easy to get data in there. I don't quite get how it doesnt work for you
  15. tjr

    tjr Hardcore Simmer

    @Karsten Beoulve, you have galvanised the community into hotstints at Hungary!

    I decided to give this car and track combo a go yesterday. I did about an hour with the stock aggressive setup and, if I'm honest, never really got comfortable and felt like I wasn't able to get the best out of the car. It's quite skittish isn't it? I was so tentative on corner exit and was still regularly getting unwanted oversteer and step-out which was slowing me down quite a lot. My times were in the low 57's as well, so don't beat yourself up too much! I also noticed that over the hour I was leaking CC and CN points which was telling...

    After that I decided to jump into the 911.2 and give that a go. I did just three laps (stock aggressive setup again) and was instantly over a second quicker than I had been with the NSX, so I was definitely right in my feeling that I wasn't extracting the best from the car! It's a really tough one to master I think.
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  16. Jetsun

    Jetsun Rookie

    Given I'm at high 49' and 80ish for CC/CN with stable setup right now, I'm guessing we are speaking of hundreds or rather thousands of hours of pratice?? but seems that this work is worth it.

    When fed up with training I'll continue doing some SP RC/SA hunting for the fun and the racecraft skills it makes me work on.

    I have only few hundreds of hours with PC2 then R3E, and I really feel that ACC, it's handling, setup, telemetry, ghost sharing and amazing rating system makes this sim a great learning platform, THE one indeed, no doubt that should increase the player base, from rookie to more seasoned.
  17. Nesja

    Nesja Racer

    @n1lyn What CC are you getting with this Hungaroring/NSX combo?
  18. Jetsun

    Jetsun Rookie

    Oh n I just checked telemetry to realise I thought I was doing left foot braking for months, but in fact I can have 40m delay between when I lift throttle and start braking, will be my first point of focus on next sessions.
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  19. n1lyn

    n1lyn Racer

    think it's 92. not entirely sure the algorithm for the CC rating produces comparable results on the higher end of laptimes. I saw higher ratings with slower laptimes. I have the feeling the algorithm values a steady level of understeer too much for that.

    and yes, certainly many thousands hours of simracing total for me. surely half a million kilometers on virtual tracks. steam says about 300 for acc of that indicates anything
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  20. Luis Branco

    Luis Branco Alien

    I just noticed I used the 2017 Honda and not the 2019 Evo :oops:

    Probably my considerations about the car's handling aren't according to the Evo version.
    I'll take another go with the Evo, that I never driven, as I think the SE Honda@Spa was with the 2017 car.
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