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struggling with nvidia drivers

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by Racing_34, Dec 27, 2016.

  1. Racing_34

    Racing_34 Simracer

    hi guys, i'm having an annoyng issue with my computer, it's not strictly related to ac but it's the main reason why i can't complete many races: the kernel of my video drivers crashes.. it happens with whatever application uses the nvdia graphic card.
    I have a laptop, an ASUS n73vz with a dual video card an integrated HD4000 and a nvidia GT650.
    I read somewhere that i had TDR, i tried to add the key in the registry to enlarge the waiting time, but without great results.
    I tried to update and reinstall from scratch all the nvdia drivers possible. I also updated from win 8 to win 10 and the issue is still there.
    I occasionally have blue and yellow warning yellow screens
    Is there a way to get around those problems? what files should i share to help you understanding my issue?

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  3. dermonty

    dermonty Hardcore Simmer

    Did you watch your gpu temperatures?

    Gesendet von meinem HTC One mit Tapatalk
  4. Cameltotem

    Cameltotem Racer

    Most likely temperature related.

    Download MSI afterburner and just run it and from there you can see your GPU temp. It should be under 80-90 degrees.

    If it's anything over 90 while running the game then thats likely your problem.
  5. Racing_34

    Racing_34 Simracer

    i checked it with hwmonitor and crashes happens even at 50°C, we're quite far away from the thermal limit... on cad sw i noticed that crashes happen more often when the geometry is complex (nurbs surface or many features)..
    same in ac, crashes happens more often in race
  6. Try updating laptop bios - easy procedure. Also update intel card driver, maybe energy management
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  7. Phil64

    Phil64 Simracer

  8. Racing_34

    Racing_34 Simracer

    I updated them once and I have a slight improvement ...
    Bit in these days things seems to get worse, I'm getting a bunch of blue screens [​IMG][​IMG]

    Inviato dal mio HTC One M9 utilizzando Tapatalk
  9. Check memory. Maybe HW issue? Google also win32k... error
  10. Racing_34

    Racing_34 Simracer

    Today another blue screen [​IMG]

    Could be my ssd which is going to die?

    Inviato dal mio HTC One M9 utilizzando Tapatalk
  11. Verify with crystaldiskinfo
  12. Racing_34

    Racing_34 Simracer

    i run the check, this is the log...
    seems like the storage hdd is not that good right?

    Attached Files:

    • log.txt
      File size:
      18.5 KB
  13. Health status other than good means that you must immediately backup data to not loose it. Then replace HDD with new one.
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  14. Racing_34

    Racing_34 Simracer

    now i'm at a point that i can't no longer launc ac nor any app that uses the nvidia card.. they crash immidiately. i tried to use this utility, if it doesn't work i think i'm going for a new clean win install
  15. Thats usually help ;) but backup first :p
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  16. Racing_34

    Racing_34 Simracer

    very bad news, i formatted everything and as soon as I launched solidworks i had a TDR after 2 minutes.... seems like i'm stuck in the same place
  17. ShimonART

    ShimonART Alien

    win 8 10 just stink, i had so many driver issues because of win 10, at some point i couldnt even boot my pc it was that bad.
    go to computer managment - event viewer - windows logs - system, and see whats crashing.
    post here.
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  18. Racing_34

    Racing_34 Simracer

    This is the the main screen [​IMG]

    Inviato dal mio HTC One M9 utilizzando Tapatalk
  19. Racing_34

    Racing_34 Simracer

    and this is the log related to nvlddmkm

    my os is in italian, i'll try to switch language

    Attached Files:

  20. Racing_34

    Racing_34 Simracer

    i-ve tried to switch the power managment settings to maximum performance but without great results... things seem worse than before formatting
  21. Racing_34

    Racing_34 Simracer

    here are the logs in english

    Attached Files:

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