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The Ferrari SF15-T power unit & driving advice.

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by Aristotelis, Jul 15, 2016.

  1. ALO458

    ALO458 Racer

    That's interesting. Normally, when off-throttle it shouldn't apply any power since it sets the deployment to "Hotlap" mode, which is supposed not to give power at 0% throttle. I was thinking in race situations, when you are in a braking zone and you don't need to charge the battery for once but you need the shortest and most precise braking (let's say in a battle), then holding the Overtake button (KERS) while braking would make some sense (since you are off throttle, so you can make use of the 0% MGU-K harversting setting for that moment). However, if you state that it accelerates the car then it's not just a momentary shortcut for " Deploy: Hotlap, Regen: 0% , MGU-H: Motor " but something different...
  2. Schnipp

    Schnipp Alien

    It's just gives full electric power for acceleration and top speed.

    Hotlap mode gives up to 70% electric power with MGU-H set to battery, set to Motor it's around 95%. If you push KERS button during that time it's 100% and you can see how the blue bar in gears app goes to maximum.

    But what I noticed, when in N and idle throttle and you push the KERS button the rpms go up to 12439 rpms but while driving it gives full power till you reach the limiter at 15k rpm.
    Don't know why that's the case why it's limited in neutral?
  3. Vassilis

    Vassilis Gamer

    I finally found time to try the DLC yesterday. I absolutely love it of course and the work the AC team has done on the SF15 is simply mind-blowing. In fact, it's so good I can understand why drivers complain about the cars :D They're so complicated. I've spent many, many hours on the Silverstone time attack challenge and I'm finding it very hard to put more than one good lap together. Admittedly I hadn't read Aris' tips and I'm very happy I did because I was struggling to understand why the rear was locking so easily. I had the Regen setting turned up to 100 and obviously that wasn't helping. Has anyone else struggled so much with that specific challenge though? With Regen at 100, Deployment on Hotlap, MGU-H on Motor and Engine Braking at 13 (which is probably wrong) I've only managed a 38.6 with softs and the default setup. My theoretical is 38 but I couldn't get it earlier. I'll try again tomorrow with different Regen and Engine Braking settings but I doubt I can improve significantly. I hope you guys understand my predicament :p
  4. Rickne

    Rickne Hardcore Simmer

    I had a go on the F138 briefly . Pretty straightforward . It was how I'd expect it to feel . Swapped to the V6 ....OMG WHAT IS THIS!!!?!?? Well done Kunos, this is amazing .
  5. Schnipp

    Schnipp Alien

    I haven't tried the challenge, but at silverstone you need more downforce than the stock aero settings for all those long, high-speed turns. And not a bit more aero, turn it up from 13 front/19 rear to somewhere like 17-19 front/23-26 rear. (rear = front aero *~1.45 for a good balance)

    And for a fast lap turn down engine brake (not to "1" because that setting seems to be bugged) and regen as those at higher values cause longer braking distances and instability on turn-in and mid-corner.
    Last edited: Jul 31, 2016
    Vassilis likes this.
  6. Vassilis

    Vassilis Gamer

    Cheers! I reckon you probably won't know since you haven't tried the challenge but do you think it also needs some suspension work? It doesn't feel too bad but I guess it can always improve?
  7. Schnipp

    Schnipp Alien

    Haven't done any suspension setup on that car, so can't help you there.

    But one other thing, "Hotlap" as MGU-K delivery runs out of allowed power per lap early, iirc on hangar straight. (it was the purple bar in gears app, but I think it's yellow now)
    So try Overtake and Top Speed, don't know which one was the better one for silverstone. Overtake might also run out early.
    Vassilis likes this.
  8. Vassilis

    Vassilis Gamer

    Thanks mate I got a 37.4. Now I need another 2.5 sec for silver :p Got it with wings at 18 and 26, Recovery at 40%, Hotlap and EB at 2. Delivery at Top Speed and Overtake wasn't using the full allowance over the lap. With Hotlap, by shifting just before the first blue LED I made the K last until the Club corner more or less but it's weird because the usage isn't consistent.
  9. RS10

    RS10 Simracer

    I just now saw this handy guide and forwarded the pdf to a few guys i race with and there's just one thing that caught my eye: "Due to the increase in diffuser exhaust flow, a lower setting will also provide additional rear downforce and stability." - i thought blown diffusors stopped being a thing in 2014? The guys at the f1tech forum still aren't sure how much or if the exhaust flow working with the monkey seat actually affects the diffusor flow (and they were the ones who figured out how the f-duct worked back in the days afterall) so i was a bit surprised to see that bit of info here (would def. be right for the F138 but that car doesn't have engine braking settings)
  10. sacredaardvark

    sacredaardvark Hardcore Simmer

    "The rear “monkey seat” wing will get accelerated air from the rear exhaust and that will help it to have less drag and also stall the big rear wing or help it being more efficient, so it depends on your accelerator input too.. it’s not as efficient as a blown diffuser, but every little thing helps. You can watch all this magic trickery in the WINGS dev app."

    I'm quoting Aris, from this post:

    Contents of said post weren't in the PDF, IIRC.
    RS10 likes this.
  11. RS10

    RS10 Simracer

    ah, thanks! so it's not necessarily helping the diffuser but with rear aero overall
  12. HoiHman

    HoiHman Simracer

    I still have to explore in depth the SF15 and all the different settings.
    I would like to drive the car with a realistic FFB setting.

    Can anyone tell me how high the steering tongue on a modern F1 car is?
  13. So... Should we report all this as a bug, or what?..
  14. ALO458

    ALO458 Racer

    Well, I don't know their exact intentions with this button so I'd prefer an explanation first. What it seems tho is that it works like a regular KERS button like F138 and P1.
  15. bgil66

    bgil66 Alien

    I got in it after the 138 and almost had a heart attack, this thing is a monster!:)
  16. ALO458

    ALO458 Racer

    So we have to short shift that much? In any on-board video of the SF15-T, the drivers shift at the usual point, after all blue lights are on and not that early. Here is Vettel's pole lap @ Singapore.
  17. Vassilis

    Vassilis Gamer

    The LEDs on the actual car may not be set the same way as in the virtual car. Taking the horsepower graph as a guide I actually shift earlier than Aris said. I shift at around 10000something which is the 2nd-3rd red LED.
  18. ALO458

    ALO458 Racer

    True, obviously they are not set as the real car but that's a bug/mistake to me. These LEDs are made for 1 reason, to help drivers shift at the right point without thinking it too much. The point is to change gear when you see all blue LEDs. It doesn't make sense to program something that helps you, not to help you. Even the AI is programmed to shift early so why not programming the LEDs correctly then? I hope they make an update and set it properly as the real car since the point is to simulate the real car as much as possible. :)
  19. PhilS13

    PhilS13 Alien

    Just to add...every single F1 driver uses shift beeps. No one is looking at the leds in real life. Shift beep is the true "no thinking" way to do it.
    Mogster likes this.
  20. Mogster

    Mogster Alien

    Audio would be good as an option. The thing's so fast there's no way you can be looking at the shift lights lol... :eek:
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