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CARS The Ferrari 488 GT3

Discussion in 'ACC Blog' started by Aristotelis, Jun 6, 2019.

  1. @Aristotelis no power. nothing even in slipstream. it was already underpowered. now... probably some aliens were using some trick being 1 second faster than than other aliens. impossible to overtake in monza.
    and I'm someone who knows how to stay close. with 1.1 I needed all the straight slipstream to try a dive...
    now I need defend already at the exit. give power to the car this is strange.
  2. @Aristotelis
    Why the livery #11 Ferrari 2018 no longer has led lights?
    I remember had a nice green on the nose and door... I miss...:p
  3. a bug is back. if you go over 28 psi, the car will no matter what spin mid corner. it's clear there is something wrong once the grip is down a bit: after a spin, if you go over 28 psi, after the famous 3 4 laps of maximum grip.

    Also and even more important, once you spin, a combination of buggy clatch-engine_start-tyres_on_ice_after_a_spin is the most upsetting thing in the world. please tell me if you find anything wrong in the starting procedure of the engine. @Aristotelis

    if unfortunately you have 28.3 psi at the back and 28.2 at the front, do a 360, and unfortunately you turn engine off. I challenge you to drive the car to the pits
  4. CrimsonEminence

    CrimsonEminence Simracer

    This sounds somewhat familiar:eek:

    Do you have the possibility to record stuff while reproducing it? I've also encountered spinning strangely on Monza in the first Lesmo, and on Barcelona once, after temperatures on track were higher and not adjusting my tyre pressures to it (so it should've been also a bit over 28 psi then). Was riding normal about 4-5 laps, then it happened without any warning.

    I drive the 488 quite often (my favourite car in ACC) and don't spin that often with it, was also in relatively successful use online for a few times now, but these two mentioned times, i was baffled, what happened, because normally, once you get the grips for this car, it is pretty stable, before it steps out on you.

    Also i think, when there is a problem, it's dependent to dry tyres. My first CP race was on damp condition on Zolder and i had too high inflation on my wets and the car was still stable, but slow. Was totally able to make a bad qualy up with drys in the race, without spinning, but dry tyres also were a bit underinflated, though.
  5. just finished to adjust the setup accordingly to aris stream it looks a lot better.
  6. CrimsonEminence

    CrimsonEminence Simracer

    Playing a bit with TC1 and TC2 and brake bias while the race, also can give you help.
    Just did a short race on Hungaroring, setup stable for 1:45-44 times consistently on a grippy track and my rear tyres started to wear a little bit and pressures slightly over 28 psi showed up on the rear, it indeed starts to get really nervous, but you can manage it, there is a 2 lap window after the peak, in wich the balance needs a bit of time to regain, after that, it was fine and attacking was possible again.^^
  7. I want to say that after watching Aris stream, I managed to fix my problems with the rear after the drop. I also extracted other pace from them car. Thank you @Aristotelis I was helpless.
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  8. deadmeat2k

    deadmeat2k Racer

    @Salvatore Amato what did you specifically modify to improve? Aero balance it sounds like?
  9. springs and dampers. very hard.
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  10. rikirk

    rikirk Racer

    The problem I still have is defining the window of operation for the front ride. Minimum possible feels too twitchy and I normally sit between 57 and 60.
  11. trutya

    trutya Simracer

    any tips for setup for Paul Ricard?
    default agressive setup is just undriveable to me.
    i just slide and slide and i don't feel the grip i have. sliding through basically all types of corners.

    i found out that i can't handle the front aero balance so i raised the car until it went around 0,0% or -0,1% to the rear.
    but still i don't feel any mechanical grip and now i have understeer in faster corners too at the exit.
    also in fast direction changes the car just bouncing and very unstable. also very unstable at long fast / mid speed corners under braking, like the long one after Signes.
    i really try to like this car but i really HATE it. and i'm ****ed, i don't know how to make it more comfortable.
    i tried to make rear stiffer, it's just even worse so i stayed at soft rear. whatever i do, i don't feel the grip and when i start to lose the car...

    i'm capable of only low 57s (slightly used tyre however) but after like 30min i just start to slide and slide and losing a lot of time even to this very **** time.
    i uploaded my setup, please if any ideas you have, share me.

    Attached Files:

  12. trutya

    trutya Simracer

    after checking one of the video of Aris, a made some changes (stiffer rear damping, less rear bumpstop race to have more stable aero platform, at least i wanted to reach that). it's better now but still far from my comfort zone, and i have now understeer in slow corners.
    i have the feeling that i drive this car not correctly. everybody is so happy with the Ferrari in any video, and i don't like it, don't feel connected at all.
    do you guys have any driving tips, or setup tps for this car?
    i am more happy with it on high downforce tracks like Zolder or Hungaroring, but very hard to find any pace at Paul Ricard.
    should i start with higher wing maybe? or it's just all about the aero and suspension?
    should i use big values for rear rebounds, avoiding the rear to lift a lot in fast corners - even with soft rear springs?
    i'm lost here now...
  13. me too
  14. I run the front higher than the rear at monza, feels pretty stable.. 38 rear anti roll, 28 front..
  15. trutya

    trutya Simracer

    my front is like (almost) 1cm higher than the rear. i tried to set the aero balance to 0,3-0,5 (to the front) that's the amount i'm comfortable with in those fast long corners. more aero in front, and i just lose the rear either in Signes, but most likely in the long right corner after that (donno the name) all this with 3 wing, top speed is around 274-275 kmh.

    this is my current setup and i can do like mid-high 56s on race fuel and lot of grip. but i'm not that consistent, easy to make mistakes still or i just overdrive it. stable pace on used tyres is still around flat 57s (which is far from my pace in the AMG, for example)

    Attached Files:

  16. Cool is that on Paul? I don't race that much, brake bias or out the window maybe? I'll chuck some monza shots up and see if there's anything you can try IMG_20200131_181108.jpg IMG_20200131_181121.jpg IMG_20200131_181043.jpg IMG_20200131_181036.jpg
  17. trutya

    trutya Simracer

    it's for Paul yes.
    well Monza is quite different, no real fast corners there, maybe the grip is also different, i don't know... but for me the aero balance is way too front-heavy, but i haven't tested it. thanks btw ;) at Monza i'll test it.

    edit: high rear anti roll bar seems not work for me. the car slides very badly in slow corners and chicanes, easy to lose it either in turn-in or exit.
    but again, it might be just me. maybe my stile is too rough for the sensible mid/rear engined cars. i feel more comfortably with front engined cars.
    Last edited: Jan 31, 2020
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  18. Ris8

    Ris8 Gamer

    Need SETUP... please!
    ...any suggestion for 30 min Hotstint in Laguna Seca (#56 season 6)?
  19. Impressive how each line you wrote is perfectly matching my feelings about the car.
    The physics are just wonderful.
  20. Znam Neznam

    Znam Neznam Hardcore Simmer

    What does the pink light mean on the 488 dash?

    Spent good amount of day working on setup around Monza. Started with fast aggressive and made slight adjustments to get pressures correct/ slight camber adjustment and preload.

    Got down to 1:47 in quali.

    But I am struggling in race badly. Doing low 1:50 to 1:49 while every else starts 1:49 and finishes 1:48 in 30 minutes race.

    The tyres just don't last and I always get into situation once off hard braking the car starts to slide.

    Basically hard braking than trail braking into say parabolica and than pink light kicks in and I am sliding.

    I been trying to determine if its from TC2 or TC1 or too little ABS.

    My TC1 and TC2 is 3/3 and I have tried ABS from 2 to 6.
    I have always kept TC1 and TC2 withing +/- 1 of each other.

    Any help or tip appreciated.

    Last edited: Apr 5, 2020
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